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    Extinction Academy

      Ever wanted to know everything about Cod: Ghosts Extinction mode, and wanted to master the best classes and strategy? Well here you can, This guide will teach you every think everyone wanted to know about Extinction.


      Feel free to skip to locations in the text.


      Let's start with Loadout shall we.




      Loadouts are the main key to you characters appearance. To get started with your loadout you will need to go to Extinction mode main menu and go down to Loadouts. There you can pick you way to play, down to classes to Relics.



      The Armory is a new System where you can experience Upgrades to you player to make you life a lot easier. You can purchase upgrades to improve you characters Way of style, Here are all the upgrades available atm.


          Sentry Armor

          Cost 5 Teeth

          Upgrade: Sentry Guns you place can substain more damage.


          High Grade Armor Piercing Ammo

          Cost 5 Teeth

          Upgrade: Armor piercing Ammo will inflict increased damage.


          Stun Armor

          Cost 10 Teeth

          Upgrade: With armor equipped, this will periodically stun attackers.


          Faster Revive

          Cost 10 Teeth

          Upgrade: Shortens the time it takes for you to get revived.


          Faster Health Regeneration

          Cost 5 Teeth

          Upgrade: Regenerate health faster.


          Damage Upgrade

          Cost 10 Teeth

          Upgrade: Increase the damage of all attacks by 5%.


          Seeker Explosion Protection

          Cost 5 Teeth

          Upgrade: Take less damage from exploding Seekers.


          Start with a Locker Key

          Cost 40 Teeth

          Upgrade: Start with a Locker Key on missions with Lockers.


          Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo

          Cost 5 Teeth

          Upgrade: Incendiary Ammo dose more total damage.


          Start with a Skill Point

          Cost 20 Teeth

          Upgrade: Start each game with an extra skill point.


          Hypno-Knife a Rhino

          Cost 50 Teeth

          Upgrade: With the Upgrade, Players who use a Hypno-Knife on a Rhino can turn him into a valuable ally


          Flaming Stowed Riotshield

          Cost 20 Teeth

          Upgrade: A Stowed Riotshield will burn enemies while blocking attacks from the rear.


         Engineer Upgrade

          Cost: This upgrade requires the Devastation Map Pack.

          Upgrade: The Engineer lays down a stasis field that Cryptids cannot enter. the skill is activated by double tapping Up on the de-pad and becomes more potent with each rank purchased in-game.


          Tank Upgrade

          Cost: This upgrade requires the Devastation Map Pack.

          Upgrade: All Cryptids begin attacking the Tank, who is now invulnerable and able to stun enemies with melee attacks. The skill is activated by double tapping up on the de-pad and becomes more potent           with each rank purchased in-game.

          Weapon Specialist Upgrade

          Cost: This upgrade requires the Devastation Map Pack.

          Upgrade: The Specialist has an adrenaline rush, greatly increasing damage done and keeping his clips completely topped off. Nearby allies also receive a modest damage boost. The skill is activated by         double tapping up on the de-pad and becomes more potent with each rank purchased in-game.


          Medic Upgrade

          Cost: This Upgrade requires the Devastation Map Pack.

          Upgrade: The Medic is surrounded by a therapeutic energy field. Allies inside the field are healed or revived from last stand. The skill is activated by double tapping up on the de-pad and becomes more             potent with each rank purchased in-game.

      More coming soon, Others are Classified.


      Teeth are new and can be sold to the Armory to buy Upgrade's. You mite be wondering how to get or where to get teeth from well wonder no more here is all the ways you can get teeth.


        Teeth can be earned by the Bonus pool if you don't know what the bonus pool is here is were your looking for. The bonus pool is a Teeth bonus were every time you destroy a hive you get 1 teeth but when       you get all the bonus teeth you will have to wait until Expires after a week time, Then start collecting again.


        Teeth can be earned by getting between 500-1000 kills every time and you will get awarded 1 Teeth.


        Teeth can be earned by completing the mission, Tip: if you complete the mission with a relic on you will get an extra bonus teeth.


        Teeth can be earned by Prestigeing and you will get 1 teeth every time you prestige.


      There all the ways I know to get teeth. Post some new ways I didn't post down in the comment and I will add them in.




      There are four different classes to pick from so pick them carefully. Here are all the classes you need/ are in Extinction Mode.


          Weapon Specialist

          20% more bullet damage.


          Upgrade 1: Swap weapon's faster, move faster while ADS, and fast offhand use.

          Upgrade 2: Faster ADS

          Upgrade 3: Faster Reloading

          Upgrade 4 50% more bullet damage + less spread



          25% more health.


          Upgrade 1: Melee attacks do 25% more damage

          Upgrade 2: 50% more health

          Upgrade 3: 75% more health + 50% more melee damage

          Upgrade 4: 100% more health +100% more melee damage



          Provide armor for the drill and earn more bonus cash.


          Upgrade 1: Repair the drill faster.

          Upgrade 2: Traps earn cash back.

          Upgrade 3: Increased protection while repairing the drill and traps last longer

          Upgrade 4 Increase trap and explosive damage and a larger wallet to hold more cash



          Revive allies more quickly


          Upgrade 1: Move faster + increase protection while reviving others

          Upgrade 2: Longer sprint + teammates near you regenerate health faster

          Upgrade 3: Ignore ongoing damage from the Scorpions' gas clouds

          Upgrade 4: Very fast movement + unlimited distance team health regeneration


      There are pistols you can pick from in the loadout, Here are all the pistol stats you can pick from.


          P226 Pistol

          .44 Magmun pistol

          M9A1 Pistol

           MP-443 Grach pistol

          Long range medium damage, large clip size.




         Upgrade 1: Increased damage at long range and faster movement when the pistol is equipped

         Upgrade 2: 50% more ammo in each magazine

         Upgrade 3: Carry you pistol plus two primary weapon's

         Upgrade 4: Hip fire two pistols for twice the firepower and twice the ammo capacity


                                                                                                          More Information coming soon (3-5hours time) Vist the Facebook page for Information and contact



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          Re: Extinction Academy

          i dont understand the point of this thread...its just a repeat of the information they give you in extinction already, is there any new information here that is not available through reading in game

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              Re: Extinction Academy

              Editing the post to sections were you maybe looking for answers.

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                  Re: Extinction Academy

                  it would be helpful if you gave each armory upgrade a rating on how useful it is and explained some of the things people have had questions about like the stowed riot shield if it only works when you run riot shield as a loadout or if its something you always have on your back and other stuff like that but i think most of the stuff you posted was just stuff you read in the armory menu...it is a good start just dont let my critisism be mistaken as rudeness lol sorry im italian and straight foward

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                Re: Extinction Academy

                This helps me a lot because if need to know the loadouts or armory i just look here!! Thanks!!

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                  Re: Extinction Academy

                  For the medic upgrade, how many times can you use it periodically?

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                      Re: Extinction Academy

                      The Medic upgrade is WORTH the teeth it costs!!! Im a Med in game all the time so I bought the heakth regen and the upgrade and it is wicked. The healing aura lasts around 5-7 seconds and the recharge is around 90--120 seconds. I haven't timed either with a watch but have used it probably 50 times now. Running with fish has never been easier!

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                        Re: Extinction Academy

                        You get to use the Medic Upgrade once every 3 minutes. I haven't used a stop watch, but it was close to that (3mins).

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                        Re: Extinction Academy

                        Do we know for certain if the ammo upgrades apply to all ammo you throwdown for your team, or is it only for yourself?


                        If it is self only, does it matter if a teammate supplied the ammo?  It seems the stun armor should work no matter who is putting it down, but the bullet upgrades don't clearly state how it will work.

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                            Re: Extinction Academy

                            Well, we do know. Think of it like this:

                            If you buy the medic upgrade and no one else on your team has done so, but they are all running medic also. Do they now have that upgrade? Nope. So that's the answer. The stuff in YOUR armory apply to YOU only, not your team.

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                                Re: Extinction Academy

                                That's what I suspected, but I think it could have been more clearly spelled out.  At only 5 teeth, I'm not surprised.


                                The next question, then, is how much benefit does it grant? 


                                I'd like to see an armory upgrade for stun ammo.  If Stun ammo was also Armor Piercing, for example, then it wouldn't be useless.  I'd definitely pay for that upgrade and use stun over upgraded AP, but I'm just looking for a reason to use stun, because I like zapping things.  Shock charges were my favorite in BO2.

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                                    Re: Extinction Academy

                                    The ammo upgrades only make a real difference if you use weapon specialist too, and have that upgraded.

                                    However, with that said even as a Medic, I can see a difference. Not a huge one, but it definitely is better.


                                    Stun ammo for me has no use. Especially on maps like Nightfall and Mayday, where you get swarmed with enemies. You can only concentrate your fire on one cryptid at a time, meaning you are stunning one, sure, but the other 10 attacking you are still doing exactly that.

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                                Re: Extinction Academy

                                This is a PRO guide to Call of Duty: Ghosts extinction mode. I will not be describing what each individual loadout slot does because I'm sure we can all read, however I will be describing the pros and cons of all the upgrades as well as giving you information on classes and loadouts. By the way I have played a LOT of extinction, so at the end I will guide you to how you make Teeth and the best way to farm them. I myself am only a few teeth away from having all upgrades unlocked.

                                IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the challenges carefully and pay attention to them. They get you skill points which will help you complete the level easily.

                                Also, in order to drop money for your team, hold LT and then hold A, this will drop $1000 dollars for someone else to pick up, if you are already at $6000 then don't pick it up, because it is a waste.

                                Classes: Each class is important and even more important depending on what map you are playing. Firstly the Specialist, having two of these on POINT OF CONTACT is the best way to go about it, they do lots of damage and can help complete the map quickly and efficiently.

                                The Tank class (my personal favourite): Whilst the Tank may not seem to be of much benefit to the team, they can however take the brunt of the damage and will help greatly with challenges. For examply challenges which require high accuracy or melee become a lot easier with a Tank on your team. With the new upgrade a Tank can become almost overpowered, giving the tank the ability to become invulnerable, attract the aliens to him, revive an ally or even take on a rhino one on one. This ability is by far the best one. I recommend having one of these on POINT OF CONTACT and MAYDAY.

                                The Medic class: Faster revives and faster health regeneration is a must have on all maps, and I recommend running two of them on Nightfall due to the high number of scorpions, once upgraded. The upgrade is really useful too, especially if the rest of the team are down and you are the last man standing. Hit the upgrade and you can level the playing field.

                                The Engineer: Greatly important on Nightfall. You earn the least amount on this map with kills, however once you hit the factory area, plant a couple turrets on the traps and activate them, they won't take damage from the trap and will be protected. Just remeber to keep activating those traps. The engineer will act as the team bank, just remember to keep dropping money for your team! Unfortunately the unlockable upgrade seems to be broken, It is suppose to keep out all cryptids but it doesn't and I really hope they patch it soon, also projectiles can still hit you, making this upgrade the least useful.

                                Classes for maps: POC - 2 specs, 1 tank, 1 medic

                                     NIghtfall - 1 spec, 2 meds, 1 eng

                                     Mayday - 1 of each seems best

                                Loadouts: I tend to use the same sort of loadouts for each map but it is important to adjust depending on the team you're playing with.

                                Ammo: If you join a game and 3 people are using a type of ammo you don't have unlocked then just use basic ammo because different special ammos don't stack, only basic and one type of special. Ammo is mostly down to personal preference, some are more expensive. My personal preference is the armor piercing, especially once you get the upgrade, it's mostly effective against Rhinos and it's only $1100. Without upgrades go for the explosive ammo, it is more expensive but will do splash damage.

                                Supplies: Armor and feril are the most useful. At first I thought feril was useless until i read it carefully. Once upgraded you can see enemies, regen health more quickly, and run faster. It is extremely useful for those clutch moments. Thirdly the faster reloads are good too. The others I never bother with; random supplies are random and in a tense situation you don't want to be gambling.

                                Strike package: By far the most useful are turrets, put these down on electric traps and you don't even need to pay attention to them, just make sure you keep those traps going, invest in the armour upgrade for them as soon as possible to keep them going even longer. The other packages are fun but no where near as devastating as having up to 8 turrets ripping apart those aliens.

                                Equalizer: By far the most useful for survival is the riot shield, equip one of these to your back and you are invulnerable to attacks from the rear. If you want speed for POC then use something like the death machine, it's by far too expensive but its fun and fully upgraded can take down the 2 hives a lot more quickly. Otherwise just make sure you have that riot shield equipped at all times!

                                ARMORY UPGRADES: This is the hot topic at the moment so let's go through it all.

                                SENTRY ARMOR: 5 teeth. Very useful if you're running sentries, which I recommend

                                ARMOUR PIERCING: 5 teeth. If you run this ammo type then very useful

                                STUN ARMOR: 10 teeth. This will only activate after getting hit 4 or 5 times and is pretty useless. Not as good as it sounds

                                FASTER REVIVE: 10 teeth. I rarely go down but if you're someone who struggles with extinction then I recommend getting this at some point, just to make it easier for your team

                                FASTER HEALTH REGEN: 10 teeth, I recommend running this, along side feril and a medic you can watch your health shoot up everytime you are clear of those pesky aliens

                                DAMAGE UPGRADE: 10 teeth, NO BRAINER!

                                SEEKER PROTECTION: 5 teeth, cheap enough to make it worth it

                                LOCKER KEY: 40 teeth, way too expensive just to start with something that you're probably going to have later on when you need it anyway

                                INCENDIARY AMMO: 5 teeth, personal preference

                                SKILL POINT: 20 teeth, useful if you're playing solo, or if you fail that annoying don't take damage challenge on POC

                                HYPNO RHINO: 50 teeth, expensive but fun. I unlocked this one early and it can help make POC escape easier. I have yet to even find a knife on MAYDAY which sucks, but you can just use the hypno trap.

                                FLAMING RIOTSHIELD: 20 teeth, useful if you use the riotshield, but isn't greatly effective

                                ENGINEER UPGRADE: 15 teeth, BROKEN!!! lol

                                MEDIC UPGRADE: 15 teeth, useful

                                SPECIALIST UPGRADE: 15 teeth, take down a Rhino super quick!

                                TANK UPGRADE: 15 teeth, YES PLEASE!



                                HOW TO EARN TEETH:

                                So we all know how to earn teeth: 1 for completing the map, another if you do it with a relic, and another for doing on hardcore, which unless you are a beast i don't recommend doing on hardcore (too much risk of failing). You can get 1 tooth per game from your bonus pool. Helping someone complete a map for the first time will get you an extra one. Killing over 500 cryptids will earn you another. Prestiging will also earn you 1 tooth.

                                I have found the best way to earn teeth is running POINT OF CONTACT. It's the easiest map to do and with a good team behind can earn you 2 or 3 per game. If there's less than 4 of you try going into a public game and waiting for a noob. If you're good enough, get him home and you will earn another tooth.

                                Personally I have been doing POC on solo mode (has to be atleast regular difficulty). As long as you have followed my instructions above. using the available electric traps to protect your turrets it should be a cake walk. I run TANK and put points into that asap. Then points into feril to make running away from a horde of cryptids easier. Then Turrets. Then Ammo (you should be earning enough money to make putting points into ammo less neccessary. Any left over points put into your riot shield. I never bother with the pistol, apart from maybe the muzzle break, everything else is pretty useless compared to other stuff.

                                I always earn 3 teeth alteast doing it this way, not including my bonus pool, you are guaranteed to get 500 cryptid kills.

                                The run home seems to stop people from completing this map. Whatever you do, don't just run all the way. Stop and set up defenses, lay down turrets, throw down feril/armor regularly. after you clear the first barrier, stick a turret in the middle of the two electric wall traps and take out those pesky Rhinos. If you have the hypno rhino ability then now's the time to use it if you have a knife. once the timer gets to less than 2 minutes - RUN! This is when feril is most effective, otherwise keep that armor going til you hit the end zone. If you're still struggling then comment below and I'll see how I can help.


                                PEACE OUT!

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                                    Re: Extinction Academy

                                    l_jonaldo_l wrote:


                                    best way to go about it, they do lots of damage and can help complete the map quickly and efficiently.

                                    The Tank class (my personal favourite): Whilst the Tank may not seem to be of much benefit to the team, they can however take the brunt of the damage and will help greatly with challenges. For examply challenges which require high accuracy or melee become a lot easier with a Tank on your team. With the new upgrade a Tank can become almost overpowered, giving the tank the ability to become invulnerable, attract the aliens to him, revive an ally or even take on a rhino one on one. This ability is by far the best one.



                                    I am sorry if I sound a little rude but almost everyone one I encounter who has tank ends up running away when there is trouble or to try and knife a rhino to death, it does help my medic skills out though.

                                    Last Edited: Apr 15, 2014 4:52 AM
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                                        Re: Extinction Academy

                                        The tank class is only as good as the person playing it. I personally prefer the weapon specialist upgrade, but I have had the pleasure of playing with a few players who knew how to use this class to the max.


                                        A tank class is a weapon specialists' best friend for most challenges, especially weapon challenges. When the challenge starts and everyone that is doing the challenge is ready, the tank hits the booster making himself a human flare attracting every alien in the area... he then takes out his riot shield when it ends making himself the perfect decoy. There is no easier/cheaper way to pick up 10-12 kills on a challenge than mixing these 2 upgrades. WS boost is insane when mixed with upgraded ammo and all the cryptids with their backs to you trying to eat your invulnerable teammate makes for a very easy and quickly achievable challenge regardless of weapon.


                                        Coordinating the weapon specialist booster with the tank booster on rhinos is equally effective. Another great combination is having the tank booster activated during the Kraken battle. All he has to do is run to the middle, drop a maxed out IMS and activate the booster. With the IMS and all his teammates blasting away at the crowd around him, it is almost like a short vacation during a hard battle.


                                        These are only a few examples of the tank class' usefulness when its being utilized by a skilled and knowledge player. The problem is that there aren't many players that use it correctly.

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                                            Re: Extinction Academy

                                            This is exactly why I love the tank class. I agree totally, having someone who is good with the tank then yes it is valuable. When im not running solo My friend goes as a specialist and activating both those abilities can destroy rhinos.

                                            A lot of noobies run the tank class just because they don't know what they are doing and don't want to just keep dying, so yeah this is when the takn becomes completely team unfriendly, so i suggest to the noobies that they either go as a spec or a medic(for the health regen). BTW the main focus of my guide was more focused on how I like to run the map to get teeth, but also show you guys what upgrades were good and how to make teeth. People still seem really confused on how to make teeth so i thought i would make it clear.

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                                          Re: Extinction Academy

                                          Thanks much for your guidance; I found it quite informative. Though I am wondering which relic you use for your solo play scenario in order to get that third tooth? I was thinking stand your ground or maybe limited ammo. Or even maybe do less damage. Your thoughts?



                                          I am going to add my own two cents here with suggestion for anyone maybe still having problems. I say forget about the sentry gun, run with the vulture. I tried your set up and I did make it to the last hive and way father than I had before, but I was downed once in each area and ended up dying. Granted the first down in the first area was more my inexperience with tank strategy (I normally go with weapon specialist), but I'm not sure I would have made it even with that extra down in the last area. With the vulture, I went through super easy and wasn't downed at all. While playing I thought maybe I had accidentally bumped the difficulty down to casual. The problem I was have with sentries (and maybe others too) is that creatures started spawning before I had spent my points, moved my sentry to the next hive, activated the trap that was supposed to protect it and get the drill. Also, sentries only look one direction, stop firing when they're attacked and cost nearly as much as the vulture does. There were a number of times a sentry would be knocked out before it even earned back half it's cost. A vulture will always shoot at nearby enemies while active and even laser point to enemies out of its range if there isn't something to shoot at; helpful for pesky scorpions hiding when feral instincts runs out. It's way easier to repair a drill with a riot on your back and a vulture active than with a sentry active that maybe probably isn't working because some douchy scout or hunter is smashing the crap out of it. Especially in the cabin area where there doesn't seem to be a conveniently placed trap to protect it while it's pointed in any meaningful direction. It also makes rhinos and the run to the copter a lot easier since it follows you instead of being glued to a spot. And if anyone was unsure, it does count towards turret kills for that challenge. I had some money issues too because I was buying a lot of traps. So really, if you think about it, a vulture ends up costing less than if you buy a sentry and a trap or traps to protect it and probably gets you more money and protects you better anyway. I still buy traps, but it's not as much a necessity.



                                          Lastly, and this is just my personal preference, I go with incendiary ammo. I like the damage over time. Especially for scorpions and seekers. If a scorpion gets away on you around a corner or something he still might burn to death and usually while jumping which helps on that stupid kill while in mid air challenge. Seekers, you just have to hit once and they'll blow up in a couple seconds. Also seems to work decently on rhinos. Not too sure about compared to armor piercing but any special ammo works better than regular.


                                          Anyway, thanks again. Before, I was running weapon specialist, grach, incendiary, armor, vulture and portable turret and couldn't make it past the city. With your suggestion I made it to the nuke hive on the first attempt. But, I died shortly after getting the drill started.

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                                          Re: Extinction Academy

                                          I play and will only play solo. what is the best things to spend my points on? Damage increases, ammo increases or something else?

                                          Last Edited: Apr 17, 2014 10:48 AM
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                                            Re: Extinction Academy

                                            faster reloading (a bit ) for every class when upgraded to level 4


                                            now only weapon specialist;  i can't take chain saw on onther classes. i find it takes way to long to reload;

                                            Last Edited: Apr 27, 2014 11:14 AM
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                                                Re: Extinction Academy

                                                But then this is why you have the choice of 2 different things: Weapon Specialist, or Team Booster.

                                                Although I'd like this, I also really wouldn't. The game is all about being tactful and choosing what class you want. Faster Hands is, by default for WS class.

                                                Last Edited: Apr 28, 2014 9:47 AM