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    Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

      I recently found out, that leaving a match prematurely, doesn't do anything. I was under the impression that leaving/forfeiting a match would make you lose the match, and therefore ending your winning streak. Apparently this isn't so. So leaving a match, because you are losing, isn't penalized? WTF?


      This can't be right


      Leaving a match before it's over should ALWAYS count as a loss. At the very least the winning streak should be reset, unless the outcome of a match is in fact a victory.


      This would insure that boosting W/L ratio isn't possible anymore.


      I'm aware that sometimes servers lose connection, but that is just tough luck in my oppinion. That is a problem for both teams.

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          Re: Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

          lleaving a match does all that except reset the streak other wise you DO get a loss and it does show you took a loss just not on you're winning streak

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            Re: Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

            I wish there was more consequence as well.  I have spent many hours over the course of Clan War Vegas racking up many deaths trying to win the objectives, to find myself completely swarmed by opponents, just to discover I am one of two or three players left.  That really is a craptastic thing to do to the other players on your team.


            There was even one game that ended in our victory, that only had 4 of us left.......why bail on that?


            The only time I bail is on significant lag, or real life needs my attention which is often when I am having a great game.


            Gut it out for your fellow players!!!!

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              Re: Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

              1. If players are getting beat badly they just rage quit.

              2. If you have players that are cheating/glitching/hacking/super camping/spawn camping people are going to quit as well.


              Myself I don't waste my time sticking around in a lobby if a player or team is clearly using an exploit/hack/cheat or being an F-ING super camper watching the spawns and killing people as they spawn.


              I will straight up leave a match if I can't get the hell out of a spawn after 5 times or more of dying in the spawns.

              I just don't feel like spending time in a losing late lobby, hacker lobby, or team full of noobs that go 1 and 99.

              If they did not want people quitting team games then take the QUIT option out of the menu.

              Only way to back out would be to wait until the game is over or turn your system off/dashboard.

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                Re: Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

                Keep in mind not always are the opposing players leaving intentionally.  We get pulled out of games when one of our members loses connection to the host.  It pulls out EVERYONE, not just that player.  Still, we get a loss.  How bout they fix that?

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                  Re: Leaving a match permaturely...?! WTF?! :O

                  What kind of rewards is given for having a high W/L ratio?

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