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    Next possible movie field order cameo in DLC 3

      IW has begun a trend with their DLC releases for Ghosts on having one of the new multiplayer maps contain a playable movie character attainable from completing a field order. First it was Michael Myers on Fog from Onslaught, now Predator on Ruins from Devastation. I've started to do some thinking ahead already to try and figure out what probable cameos are going to happen in DLC 3 and DLC 4 (possibly Insurgence or Invasion for DLC 3). Now I looked for action and horror movie characters that fit similar play styles to that of the juggernaut maniac, being that michael myers and predator have similar speed and health ratings respectively. Also the practicality of the character being implemented into a map with a similar and fitting setting to that of the character. Some of the strongest possibilities include:


      Wolverine (X-men series)- Wolverine seems to be a very likely candidate for a cameo because of his similar health and speed stats to that of michael myers and predator. For those who are unfamiliar with him, Wolverine is a marvel superhero with adamantium (metal) claws that can protrude from his knuckles. He is extremely fast and is nearly indestructible, being able to regenerate health. Wolverine fits a likely description for a movie cameo, being extremely well-known and well-received among those aware of him. The only roadblock to having him be a cameo would be marvel's involvement, not wanting to allow their character who they have total rights over in all portrayals in media to be used in the game. Another reason as to why he might not be included would be the trend of villains being attainable in the game, not a hero.


      Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)- Freddy Krueger is another suitable candidate for this role because of the similar traits he shares with the predator and michael myers. Like predator and michael myers, Freddy has a distinct melee attack from which he kills his victims, razor sharp hand claws. Freddy also seems to be very difficult to kill, like michael myers and predator. The only problem would be the extreme similarity to michael myers and a map setting that would distinguish him. For certain horror figures such as Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface who could all be possibilities, it seems as though Fog could be interchangeable with all the characters and not selective to just Michael Myers. For the sake of originality, it seems unlikely that IF will draw from the horror franchise to dry and keep more diversity among the characters and maps.


      Darth Vader (Star Wars)- This entry seems reasonable yet unlikely at the same time. Vader is a sith lord that wields a deadly lightsaber and can manipulate the force to move objects and even choke someone through his will. Vader has a distinct melee attack, like Michael Myers and Predator, and is very difficult to defeat, able to withstand lightning shocks to his body. The actual application of Darth Vader seems difficult to put into a Call of Duty however. Using a lightsaber for a knife attack isn't preposterous, but not seemingly how one would enjoy having it be used. Using the force seems like it would be difficult to incorporate with creating an extremely overpowered character as well. Also the creation of a map to suite him seems farfetched, being that he exists in a different universe, unlike Predator and Michael Myers.


      Neo (Matrix)- This is an interesting possibility that seems plausible but yet unlikely. Neo is known as the chosen one and is prophesized to save humanity from total destruction from machines. In the Matrix, Neo has many abilities, including incredible strength and speed and the ability to use many different fire arms. Neo, however, does not have a distinguishing melee attack like Michael Myers and Predator have. Map setting would not be too difficult, with Neo basically fighting throughout different parts of a metropolitan city in the Matrix.


      Other possibilities include: Xenomorph (Alien franchise), Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th), Wolfman/Werewolf (multiple examples), Leatherface (texas Chainsaw Massacre), Ghostface (Scream), RoboCop (RoboCop), Dracula (multiple examples), Zorro (The Mark of Zorro), Boba Fett (Star Wars).


      If you have other characters that you think I left out that IW might use, leave a comment. Thanks