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    Your thoughts -- DLC 2


      I've been having a hard time as of late (since the new DLC, Devastation) actually wanting to play the game, partly because of the new DLC. The first DLC was amazing, Fog was one of my favorite maps on any game mode. Bayview was great for quick corners, containment had its ups and downs, but was a relatively balanced map, unless playing Dom... and lastly Ignition. Ignition is a remake, but by far the best map they "revived" as a playable DLC map.


      When playing Devastation, i feel like each map is unique on it's own, but really dilutes they flow of CoD:Ghosts. Behemoth is one of the least balanced maps in my opinion, next to Collision. Behemoth is an all around corner trap, spawn trap, anywhere. It actually reminds me of an original Call of Duty (for the PC or Xbox360 edition) where you're on a nazi ship that you can climb for days. the corners are too tight and makes it difficult to play with anything but an SMG (i mostly play HC mode). Collision was my least favorite of the 4 (3 if you don't count Dome remake). the layout is mostly unpredictable and promotes camping more than any map so far that I can tell. S&R on Collision is horrible, just saying.


      Moving on to Ruins and Unearthed.. these maps are a little more balanced and open playing field compared to the other Dev DLC. Ruins has great lean corners, spots high and low. and the spawns are a little more intricate making it a little more difficult to get the spawn kill right away seeing as how there are far more obstacles and caverns to rush through. the biggest problem i have with Ruins is that it hardly pops up in the map vote for me... probably just coincidence. Unearthed, aka Dome.. of course is a repetition map that people enjoy for some reason. it was ok in MW3, and should have stayed there. the map is fun for Infected IMO, but we can't play Devastation Infected until DLC 3. sad day.

      On the other hand, I feel ripped off seeing another map remake in a second DLC. stick to 1 good old map, bring it back. great thanks for Ignition... great job IMO, but Dome too? why not just make another map. well it'd probably turn out as horrible as the rest of the DLC aside from the Ripper, which is comparable to the MTAR-X, if you use the MTAR-X why use The Ripper? ... doesn't matter to me i suppose i still play HC mostly.

      That all being said, DLC 2 is a great disappointment and is really encouraging me to play just the normal playlist maps, and switch between playing BO2 to keep my sanity. What are you're thoughts on the new DLC? did it live up to expectations? or did it fall far far from where it should have been and is only the beginning of a climactic failure for future DLC? overall DLC 1 > DLC 2 ... I can't say i like the maps yet, maybe they'll grow on me with more time and learning the maps a little better, but even still... i was hardly as frustrated with DLC 1 when it was brand new. 

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          I actually like the maps, spawns are god awful, but the maps aren't bad imo.

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              After gritting my teeth and ignoring the fact that ghosts is now an 'smg em up' I played a few games this evening. 


              I like bohemoth and collision. Some great cqb battles.


              Hated the ruins map but think that was due to the other team just camping the temple and me not knowing it well enough.


              Dom on the dome remake played well too.


              Only thing I don't like is the ripper bit I think everyone knows that by now.

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                  After gritting my teeth and ignoring the fact that ghosts is now an 'smg em up' I played a few games this evening.

                  This is really the only thing that annoys me about Ghosts besides team TDM camping (where the team camps half the map since the spawns for a few elongated maps are split down the middle). I have to deal with 1-2 MTAR runners minimum every game I play and it really irks me that they included an SMG gun with AR class range and damage. I'm always forced to change from a loadout I want to have fun playing with to one that I have to use to win in order to counteract the MTAR runners.

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                I agree that the maps are on the low end of decent. I started up a local match against bots in FFA for a quick match, I spawned with the USR on Unearthed and got six kills from my spawn point. I didn't even move.


                On Ruins, I found it infuriating in the "kill box" area in the center of the map (I'm still with bots in FFA at this point), I couldn't last ten seconds. I would make three kills and get shot in the back while reloading.

                The cargo ship was just as bad, I could not make it above six kills without a bot shooting me in the back.


                The only upside to the Devastation dlc is the new episode of Extinction. It is really the only reason I play Ghosts at all anymore.

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                  I liked the maps but was a bit disappointed that ALL the maps were so tigh and/or small since dlc 1, i did feel we needed more strikezone type maps on launchday since it was pretty much the only small map but now theres 9 BLOPS2 style maps. idk about you but i get tired of getting 3 kills reloading and getting shot by the guy that I just killed then spawned behind me. I like the pace of the regular maps in Ghost I dont want to play BLOPS2 please IW make some wider maps.

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                    I just wanna play infected on Unearthed aka dome again, im ok with all the maps.


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                      I one thing I dislike and has stopped me playing this pack for too long is the maps only really allow one weapon class due to sightlines.  There are very few longer sightlines (apart from obvious ones, which people quickly learn to look for) meaning I didn't really use anything other than a subs (or occasionally shotties) on all the maps.


                      You can get away with some ARs, but really 95% of the time I predict you will only see subs. I really like maps like warhwark, where you can take any weapon class and be really viable; even strikezone you can use some ranged weapons and do ok.


                      If you want to consistantly do well on these maps (unless you are an uber QSer), you have to run a certain weapon type, which get's stale quickly.

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                        To be honest im generally surprised to see such positive feedback about DLC 2. it's exactly what we got in DLC 1 but tighter corners. i guess people really really REALLY like BO2 gameplay. i love BO2, but this is Ghosts and it had a unique flavor to the maps, now they're just narrowing it down to what they hope we all want, 3arc maps. im still beside myself as to how horrible DLC 2 maps are. im glad to see people are enjoying them for some reason.

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                            IW never make maps like treyarch..ever because when infinity ward make a map, they make it look like it's a battlefield whereas treyarch just make a map that looks like a playground. That's the difference and even so Ruins is nothing like a 3arch map, it has way more than 3 lanes etc. The rest are smaller but even so are not 3 lane maps.

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                            My thoughts to DLC2:


                                 Ruins: Cool field orders in a balanced map

                                 Collision: Meh, it's a big clusterf*ck

                                 Unearthed (Dome): I like how the map plays, and also the Extinction easter eggs like the seeker field order and the Venom-X.

                                 Behemoth: Kind of campy, but good in its own way

                                 Ripper: Mtar-X 2.0. Makes the game more fast paced since most people use it in the new maps.

                                 Mayday: Awesome, easily the best part of this DLC. Cool buildables, cool Venom-X variants, and fun new aliens.

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                              I like the DLC 1 maps better.   I hate the way they are implementing them. No integration into regular playlists until the next DLC is out again? The DLC playlists are so limited.

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                                I've been hoping for a dome remake.  One of my favorite maps ever.  Devastation is one of the best map packs in a while.

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                                  I find it rather slow to get into a game with the new DLC  also ive had drama where my guns would remove there self and say i have to pay when ive always become a full member seems more the mess wround with COD ghost the more it becomes a big problem they need to do somthing about the number of clans that camp on levels also seems to be more and more campers

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                                    So far I'm actually more impressed with this DLC than the previous. I absolutely hate Ignition, the spawns are terrible in that map and I really don't like how it is set up and designed, with the exception of the rocket test fire. In comparison, the Dome remake is my new favorite map. The addition of the back hallway behind B's old Dom point, the moving of the dom points to their new locations, and the addition of the crane make the map even better than the original, whereas I feel Scrapyard is far superior to its remake. As for the other maps in DLC1, I liked them a lot, Bayview is sweet, Containment is my non-Dom favorite, and Fog seems to promote camping in a good way by either holding the granary or swamp, with both having their advantages and disadvantages.


                                    With this new DLC, I really like Ruins, lots of close in combat in the middle and a whole separate outside of the map that feels unconnected from the middle just enough to separate the combat. Behemoth, besides people spawning behind you and shooting you in the back, has really neat and tight corners and is quite fun to run the semtex launcher on. Meanwhile, the shining star of this DLC is definitely Collision, which has great short range combat which promotes SMG use but I like to run my LSAT class with all the speed perks plus Quickdraw and I do quite well against the SMG wielders. I haven't played Dom on any but the Dome remake, but maybe when they get put into the regular playlists I'll get around to it. I hate playing S&R mixed into the objective playlist, really annoying actually, I'd rather that was its own playlist.


                                    I played a hot second of Mayday in order to complete the easter egg and get the achievement, the buildables seem really cool, glad they borrowed that idea from Zombies 2, but didn't get past the tentacle, and seeing as I haven't beaten Nightfall, I'll probably wait to play Mayday until after I've finished Nightfall once. Then again, I don't play Extinction that much, the majority of my Ghosts play is multiplayer. In comparison, the majority of my Blops play was Zombies, so says a lot about how I feel about Treyarch's maps and multiplayer experience. Protip, I think Blops 2 was garbage and I exclusively only liked playing League or Hardcore. With the exception of being able to turn off auto aim in Treyarch's CoD, I prefer IW's engine and maps.

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                                        Bayview is my favourite DLC 1 map, love the visuals, map design, dynamic object, it just plays well, I love it.

                                        Never was too keen on Containment but it's growing on me.

                                        For DLC 2 I love all of the maps, I think they were all designed very well, i've always loved Dome so of course i'm gonna like Unearthed.

                                        With Ruins every path leads to some action really, I can always find someone at most parts of the map.

                                        Collision is very hectic, but it's fun.

                                        Haven't played Behmoth much so it's probably my least favourite out of the maps but it's unique.

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                                        I don't like the DLC maps. Ruins is ok because of the predator and Collision is alright, but the only map I truly enjoy is Fog. Fog is easily a top 10 or top 5 map for me, and it's the only DLC I have got multiple KEMs on. The rest play like BO2 maps with terrible spawns and headless chicken gameplay.

                                        I would prefer remakes weren't included in map packs. I don't care that much for Unearthed anyway because MW3 had the worst maps and none should be brought back. Strikezone is improved better version in every way to Dome/Unearthed so what's the point?

                                        The unique weapons have partially justified the price to me. Combined with Fog and the unique killstreaks I've still had some temporary fun with it overall. $15 is not a lot to me, and I won't support a single microtransaction (until they are reasonably packaged) so I still think overall it was worth it. I don't like the maps very much, but it could be worse.

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                                          i can't stand DLC2.   with Onslaught, once it was released, the Onslaught playlist  is all i played. Loved those maps. it just seemed like there were more options. I usually  ran Fog with SMG. Bayview and Ignition with AR. and Containment with Sniper.  and you could easily switch these up and still have a good game.

                                          DLC2  maps are just clusterf***. it seems like the only way to survive is run a rapid fire SMG.  or completely camp in some remote corner and hope someone walks by.  I am Constantly getting shot in the back and/or spawn killed. and all 4 maps are small. yes, the size of Ruins could be labeled a bigger map. but because of all the doorways/walls/tunnels/random objects/etc... it plays like a small map.

                                          Behemoth is my vote ,by far,  for worst map ever created.

                                          I have already gone back to playing the normal maps. and if i never play DLC2 maps again, it will be too soon.

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                                              Played onslaught playlist only for about a couple weeks, got bored of the maps, as good as fog is it's too dark, people liked to camp on containment and ignition was alright, I loved bayview though, one of my favourite maps in ghosts.

                                              But now Devastation is out it's the only playlist I play besides infected in core playlist. Ruins is good because all pathways lead to action and it's a..nice coloured map. Collision is a good map too, it's designed quite well with all the routes and theres alot of action. I loved Dome from MW3, so I love Unearthed, only one i'm not too keen on is behemoth but thats only because I haven't played on it much. But Devastation is awesome and the ripper is a very good gun, how can you not like this map pack?

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                                              I liked Devastation better than Onslaught. I didn´t like Fog, it´s too dark and it´s difficult to see campers. In Devastation maps you have more field of view and have more mobility

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                                                Did they think people like FREEFALL?!? Maps are way too close quarters. It is a shotgunners dream come true. But, if you feel that the shotgun is for (insert expletive+adjective+noun), you probably will hate DLC2. They should revisit WAW, which still has a loyal following of players. If they could keep the modders out, I would still be playing WAW. These guys love the maps so much, like Cliffside/Seelow/Makin-Day, they choose to continue to play even with the stupid modders flying in the sky. Bring back some REAL maps.     P.S.--Oh, and the nuke is a little too much after a minute of reaping people while invisible.

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                                                  I think you will find that for every like you will get a dislike comment here. I read one say the maps were to close quarters and another say the maps campy and others love them. Every map is a great one when played the way the map was designed. You cant expect everyone to play as designed though and that is where the issue is. I recommend you focus you how you play and improve your game style and if you do that, you will come out on the positive end. 

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                                                    I like Unearthed the most, b/c Dome was always awesome.

                                                    Collision is okay, neither good nor bad (except for the glitchy staircase) IMHO.

                                                    Behemoth is fine as long as you like playing with shotguns or other extreme CQC weapons.  If you try to use a Marksman Rifle or even most ARs on that map you will have a miserable time.

                                                    Ruins I want to like -- it looks great and the Predator is awesome -- but I just can't seem to get a handle on the flow of that map yet.


                                                    On the whole, I'd say DLC 1 and DLC 2 are about on par with each other and also with the original maps.  I'd still like to see another big map or two, at least as long as they're more like Stonehaven than Siege.