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    Why I quit playing COD Ghosts this weekend, Spawn, Ripper, Nikel and diming

      I am a decent player KD above 2 average 14+ kills, with 10+ gold guns from every class.


      After the update the Spawn system seems even worse. There were multiple games where I would spawn walk 3-4 feet and die 4 or 5 times.


      It also seems now that you do better if your connection has some lag. I played against someone with laggy connection with the same setup and started shooting before they saw me and they turned and killed me almost instantly no HS.


      The ripper is the most OPed gun in the game. Probably the most I have ever seen. Worse then week 1 of peace keeper and its all that people are using. Pretty boring.


      I am a season pass holder. I spent $60 for the game $50 for the season pass, $10 for the digital upgrade $50 for PSN. Now they want money for extra load outs and customizations. If I'm a season pass holder shouldn't that be every thing?


      It also feels that it is more hacked the BOP2. With out theater mode seems its easier for cheaters to get away with it.