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    I've been banned for black ops 2 and don't want to be reset.How can I get my level back?

      I have been banned for possibly boosting.I’ve never been banned before for anything in any game.I’d hate to be reset.I’ve only boosted for camos and no nuclears or anything but have gotten them along the way.I was pressured into boosting last night and are willing to give the names of the people who pushed me to.I feel sorry and SWEAR never to boost again if I get my level and everything back some way.I’m willing to wait the 6 days as long as I get my level and everything back.I’ve never gotten banned on a game as I’ve stated and I’d hate to start on a game I play 9/10 every day.I hope you read this and can reply as soon as possible.Just please I’ll do anything not to get reset.Just give me an email or somewhere to write and apeal.Thanks...


      -Cosmic Depth