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    Gaming headset

      i want to buy a turtle beach headset for COD but can't think of which one to get.

      btw try and not make it over 2 hundred.

      I'm on ps3 if ur wondering

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          I Just got the turtle beach ear force shadow headset and its improved my gaming hugely, it is my first "proper" wired headset and no doubt there are better ones out there but with my limited knowledge I would still recomend them, not to much money and a good sound quality also seem to have a good build quality too overall in very happy with my purchase

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            Turtle beach earforce shadow (THE BIZ ..)

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              I bought and use the $50-$60 model of Turtle Beach headsets and I think it's great. I didn't see the need to go real expensive. This may not separate the sound as pinpoint as the more expensive ones but I have no problem figuring out where the enemy is or coming from.

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                Turtle Beach PX-21, the mounting around the ear piece can get brittle. Maybe from me throwing them around ,,but I fixed it by wrapping it with electrical tape. Sound I s pretty good, plus you can control game and chat volumes independent of one another. and it will run you about 70 bucks leaving 130 for beer, and that my young padawan is winning.

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                  II have the turkey beach px21 there great it improves your game quite a bit you can hear every movement on there always have volume control on game and mic which works wonders.

                  If your still not sure google it that how I got the px21 wasnt to expensive either

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                    Also go WIRED. Wireless always seems to run out of life about the time your team probably needs to hear what your saying.

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                      I have a had a few headsets, so i will offer my opinion. I don't think Turlte beaches are very good unless you get thier top end. Also like an above poster stated go for a wired set, much better quality. If you are looking for Wireless the PS3 ones for about $99 are really good. I am using the Tritton 7.1 right now ($150) and have no complaints, they are just as good as my buddies A40's which were a $100 more.  I really suggest the Tritton's if youwant a good 7.1 Dolby Experience

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                        I don't have the best hearing anymore due to many hours flying in aircraft without earplugs, so a proper headset was critical for me to play the game. I used the Turtle Beach PX5 headsets for many years until my new router started interfering with the headset. I switched to the PX22 wired headset and absolutely love them.


                        The only issue I ran into was when I tried to use them with my PS4. My TV is newer and doesn't have any RCA Audio out ports so in order to actually be able to experience the same level of sound quality I enjoyed while using them on my PS3 I had to employ a work around. I plugged my PX5 RF Adapter into my PS4 via the Optical Out and USB. I then plugged my PX22 audio cable jack into the audio out port on the from the the PX5 RF Adapter and the PX22 USB connector into the PS4. Now my PX22's have the same high quality sound on both the PS3 and PS4.

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                          Is this US $ ?

                          I have the PS4's (don't buy these IMO) and also have the TB Ear Force Sevens (their flagship model).

                          The Seven headset is $388 AUD so probs around mid-200 US dollars.

                          The XP Seven is 5.1 and pretty damn good, it's wired and has a really good mix-amp which you can download custom presets for. Love the "footstep" and "superhuman hearing" modes lol, makes for good sound-whoring.

                          There are better headsets out there but if your looking for TB then these may suit.

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                            IIf your pa3 there is no point in 7.1 Dolby surround as ps3 can only handle 5.1 Dolby surround

                            personally I prefer the trittons over turtle beach

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                              Just get the Turtle Beach PX21's. Pretty good headset, fair on price too. On Xbox I use the X12, PS3 I use the X12. Any Turtle Beach honestly would work fine. The only Turtle Beach or any other brand I've seen price a headset over 200 are the wireless ones, and the abilities wireless have is worth it.


                              Turtle Beach



                              Any of the three listed are good brands, the top three in sales on 360 and PS3.

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                                I borrowed a couple of headsets before buying some . Finally decided on the Sony one's as for value for money they were definitely the best. You only get what you pay for but I couldn't justify the price hike in the better ones as the difference was not great enough.

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                                    Ps golds are legit & easy as pie to hook up & switch back & forth from ps3 to 4, $99. I've had afterglows were real good sound but look ridiculous $99, turtle beach px11's are wired but bang for your buck $60

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                                    I use px5's and theyre superb for me but my mates reckon they hear an annoying buzzing sound constantly from me.

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                                      I got the turtle beach PLa's from walmart. $40 and the sound quality is great. Also it uses usb so you can use them on your computer.

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                                        I use Turtle beach PX5, I got it for 80 bucks or something. It was a refurbished one but i've not have any problems with it so far. It is very good, dual bluetooth means you can talk on phone while playing game or listen to music also.