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    MW3 Hack Problem,

      Recently, I saw so many people are hacking in the game ( on ps3 ) , but I think when I send report about them , nothing happen to them , and they are continue what they're doing!



      So, I collect all hacks name for a week , and I got over 30 hacks, if you are tired of looking for them , I'll put there id's here , so that will be easy to check them , and ban them as fast as you can.


      they are using , invisible hacking , mini map radar , and unlimited ammo , and one of them made S&D unlimited round , and he was flying at the sky and shooting rocket bullet like a plane!!!


      I don't know if it's ok if I put there id here , but let me know if you wanna know there id , because I'm really interesting about ban them!!



      ( sorry for any mistakes , I'm not good at English )