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    Im looking for a clan that is active and good

      I was recently in a platinum division clan but the leader sold the clan for 50$ and the new owner kicked everyone for some reason so im in need of a new. i have a k/d of 1.513 on my new account but on my old one i had a 2.0 its lower now because i was trying to get all guns gold haha. Also my mic broke and my new turtle beaches come in the mail may 6th. please get back to me im a good addition to any team and im no scrub to C.O.D

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          Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

          what platform?

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            Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

            Our clan is fairly new, but has been growing with VERY ACTIVE players.  We enjoy winning! We have members playing every evening into late night/early morning hours. 


            We are level 18, have won our first 3 clan wars and will continue to win, having a 500 point lead in all divisions in clan wars.  We all have mics, we get along great, have fun,  and play with each other & other clans very often to get parties of 6 going.


            During clan wars we play whatever we need to in order to win. We have members that enjoy core and hard core,  which makes us a very strong clan when it comes to capturing nodes!


            We don't care about k/d, and believe that it is not a reflection of skill, especially when it comes to playing objective based game modes.


            We are looking for active members who can contribute during clan wars.  We consider active to be 10 or more hours per week. We want 18+ and mature.  Having a headset, DLC, and the ghosts app is extremely helpful and required.

            If your interested and this sounds like it would work for you send me a message on here and I'll send you an invite.

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              Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

              Anex United

              We are now currently recruiting.  Looking for active members that can play on a daily basis.  We are usually competitive and play to win.

              Please read ENTIRE post before applying.

                 Clan level 19

                 13 Members as of now

                 Platinum Division

                 Clan K/D 1.51, W/L 62%

                 Clan Tag: Anex

              To be eligible for this clan you must:

              1. Be very active player - play at least 4-6 days a week

                  Some exceptions

              2. Must be willing to work with team

              3. K/D doesn't matter but want improvement if lower than 1

              4. Play Clan Wars

                  Not playing might get you kicked as this is important part of the clan

              5. Be mature

                  Especially to teammates

              6. Have a Headset

                   If possible, this is a necessary component to communicate

              7. Join the clan website

                  This helps organize the clan

              8. Tryouts may be held

              Last but not least HAVE fun this is always a key point of a game


              1. Apply on the clan website anexunited.enjin.com

              2. Apply on the clan app

              3. Just message me for help

              If interested or have any questions just reply back or message me on psn FaNtasY_KiLLer11, or on xbox one Flawless Anex, email me @anthony23110669@gmail.com, message or follow me on twitter @Anex_NiTeMaRe

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                Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                Dinamo Legion recruiting mate level 21 clan platinum division add JayCameron93 if interested

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                  Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                  U can join our clan, LMAO.  Just send me a friend request to lilkasper98.

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                    Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                    Alright "Our Clan" is "WNGZ", 11 of the 13 of us currently in this left a clan and started our own. We started because it was only us out of a clan of 60 playing and we could not keep up with crews that size with more people playing. So long story short most of us play everyday even if just for a few hours. Not a big deal, but during clan wars we are going to amp up. im generally a 25-70+ kills a game player, my main is hc-dom. I'm the commander of this new clan, however I treat everyone as if they all were. We only have 1 rule and its basically if you join our clan, during clan wars you play or you get kicked, other then that we have a lot of fun. not looking for immature people or racists, if that's you, please press back on your browser.


                    if your interested, my psn: meecorox


                    we play on ps3.

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                      Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                      HOW OFTEN CAN YOU PLAY ONLINE?   See below.

                      If you're in a non-active clan or looking for a serious clan, we invite you to join WE AIM 2 KILL.    Our #1 requirement is all member MUST be active during CLAN WARS one day or another.   Why join a clan if you're not going to play during the most important times.   Your K/D, Age, Sex, Nationality or Race do not matter.

                      We just cut 40 members because of non playing.  All we ask is that you put in some time during clan wars and try to have a mic.  Our clan consist of Newbies and Vets that trulyrealize "It's Just A Game and Everyone Deserves To Play". So we invite you to join us today.

                      We currently have 26 members!

                      We are a level 20 clan and we do have GOLD clan tags!

                      We've played in BRONZE, GOLD and PLATINUM division wars!

                      We have a Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/weaim2kill .

                      OUR REQUEST FROM YOU:

                      - If possible use a mic (we win more when we're able to talk to each other.)

                      - Be active in the game (if you play daily that would be great) especially during Clan Wars.

                      - Join games with at least 1 other clan member to help us earn Clan XP points.

                      - ALWAYS keep our Clan Tag [WA2K] attached to your name.

                      TO JOIN:

                      Add THEVOICENYC on PSN (Make sure to type WE AIM 2 KILL on your friend request)  and send a clan application in the Call of Duty App (If you can't I'll send you a clan invite)

                      JOIN US TODAY & LET'S GO HAVE SOME FUN!

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                        Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                        Get in the Van is a brand new clan and we are pretty good. My name is Marianne and I created the clan what's your PSN we would love to have you. We used to be in a Plat clan but it got broken up.

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                          Re: Im looking for a clan that is active and good

                          Add psn xL0ST_S41NTx lvl 25 diamond div.

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