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    Another discussion

         I've been thinking and wondering lately.. How does one get into the competitive scene? Or how does one get into any field of CoD? Really? Do you just have to somehow have that magical thing called luck, where you're playing and somehow another pro player comes up to you and says, "Hey, you're good. Join me on (insert pro team)?"

         Getting a team together is much, much harder than it sounds. I mean I've had such a hard time trying to just find some people to play with in a regular pub match. I've gone on mlg.tv to check out the gamebattles, I've gone to the competitive CoD subreddit, and I'm obviously on here every day posting. So my question is, how are you supposed to do things like this if you have no way to do it? You have the skills to do it, you just have 0 opportunity. Maybe it's just like everything else in life.

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          I think most of the pro players start and build with YouTube videos of their game play. At least that is how it seems.

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            First off i want to say that no real pro players from MLG or any other organized pro gaming groups would even consider Call of Duty and even more so Ghosts a game they would play. You will only find casual, wanna be or i think i am pro in public lobbies.


            Most players that organize teams that go on to tournaments know each other from outside the franchise they are competing in. So the chances of you getting noticed by playing this crap of a game is 1 out of 1,000,000.


            The best way to do good in this franchise or any other competitve online game is just to keep playing and trying to party up with those you think would benefit from playing together. I have many friends that i play with all the time. But when i know it is time to do some *work* and start stomping, Well i know who to invite and who not to.

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