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    Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

      We've done some research, based off a few things. Plus using the most recent Diamond Leaderboards. Try to get a measurement for just how many clans are out there. We came up with this:




      106,000  (including all active and inactive clans)



      (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)


      82,000 clans.


      Breakdown within each Plat, Gold, Silver & Bronze is impossible to determine. A guestimate would be a 1/4 split equally, around 20,000 in each category.



      (must qualify to get into)

      clans 46-100 - 262 ...............
      clans 21-45 - 1,669................

      clans 13-20 - 2,865..............
      clans 3-12 - 9,000 est.........
      13,796 - all clans. (with pts).....

      24,000 - All clans entered

      24,000 + 82,000 = 106,000

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          Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

          I very much enjoy stats like these. I would ask you to cite your sources and what it is based off. Besides that it is interesting to see.

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              Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

              I'll put down some later. Have to go in a minute. We've been tracking the DD leaderboards each cycle, and using that as a starting basis.


              And I am not saying my above information is correct. The diamond stuff is pretty close. We counted a few categories, and just ballparked the small divisions.

              But for the most part, we are just trying to get some conversation going on this, as Beachhead won't release the data, and it's kind of infuriating. They should be giving all of this out to us.

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              Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

              Interesting information - it would be nice if we had developer provided information but that is severely lacking for the most part here.


              Another stat I would like to see is some sort of activity meter.  Clans are clans simply because they have 3 or more people in a group/clan.  Doesn't mean they are doing anything or participating.  Some representation of that would be nice to see and included in the CW App.  When CW starts up, you can see if you are matched properly against other similarly active clans/etc.  Another thing that would be nice in each clan war is to show some sort of representation of how many wins a clan had/has per node total.  Not just the minimal stats being displayed currently.  They have the information, would be nice to see.

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                Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

                Wow. Interesting information. Thanks for posting. Looks like a lot of inactive clans in dd. I can only imagine how many are in reg clan wars. Too many per my experience. Wish there was a way to weed out the inactive clans & make the whole experience more competitive & fun for those that are trying.

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                  Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

                  Whatever the real numbers are, I think that they are in excess of what beachhead can handle.  Anyone else notice that all the issues with the cod app were only at the highest typical traffic times for clan wars?

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                    Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

                    Some of the numbers up there are very real. They ARE the numbers.


                    Just go count the number of clans on the app. There are four divisions. 46-100. 21-45. 13-20 and 3-12. There are 25 clans per page. Just add up the pages and there's your answer. We have done this for each clan war. For the above numbers, we did an estimate on the '3-12' division, just because it became tedious to count after 300 plus pages of clans (we did count them the prior two CWs) But one can do this rather easily. And when you did each week, you see this trend develop. The total number of clans increasing after each CW


                    6,878 after the 2nd CW

                    10,291 after the 3rd CW

                    14,296 after the 4th CW


                    The above is increasing, because of two factors: 1). Some clans are scoring DL points, which registers them on the board. and 2) new(er) clans are coming into Diamond, after qualifying in the regular clan wars.


                    The above should be noted. A clan doesn't show up on the Leaderboards, UNLESS it scores a Diamond Leaderboard point. And while there are many ways to score a DL point (finish in top 3, objectives, have over 21 people), you need to score a point in a contest first and foremost. If a clan gets shut out, they get no DL points. They are NOT on the leaderboards.


                    So with that in mind, the above 14,296 clans are only those who have say 5 or more DL points. What about the other clans? They have to be estimated. This next figure, the total number of clans in the Diamond Division (24,000),  is not an actual number but a estimated number. How was this estimated? We kind of ballparked that half the clans in each contest get shut out , no show or drop out. If over 14,000 clans have scored a DL point, we felt it was a safe estimate to say that probably another 10,000 or so haven't scored a point yet.

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                        Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

                        So when I load the dd leaderboards from the app on iPhone 5, is it listing all of the clans with points from all clan size divisions, or just the clan size division we are in?  I did not see anywhere to switch the listing to another clan size division, is that not available for the iPhone app?


                        It does show our position in the header of the leaderboard window, but I was curious as to if that was for overall position, or just within our clan size division.



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                        Re: Here's the Clan Competition sizes. Our estimates:

                        I can't see your app obviously. But when I load mine on my iPad, it shows a number of different options. You should be able to see this:


                        - All clans

                        - 3-12

                        - 13-20

                        - 21-45

                        - 46-100

                        - Rival clans (the bucket you competed in or where you clan resides at that current moment)


                        And keep in mind, Beachhead doesn't really show you a true ranking. If you see a '67' or '115' next to your clan name, that doesn't mean you are in 67th or 115th place. The reality is, there are many many more clans ahead of you. The app will NOT show you your real rank. You almost physically have to go scroll through page after page and count the clans. If you are on the 11th page, that's where you find your clan, that means you have ten pages of clans ahead of you. Ten pages x 25 clans = 250 clans ahead of you.

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