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    I found something really interesting to read.

         So I'm looking at the sales for anything related to video games. Ps4 has sold a little over 2 million more units than the xbox. BUT, last week the xbox outsold the ps4. Not by a lot, but it definitely sold more. So can anyone tell me how the Xbox One is a failure? All I see is, "ps4 master race." It has sold more than the Xbone, no doubt. But the Xbone is starting to sell, as proof by the numbers

         Also, I looked at sales of popular games. Titanfall has sold 1.1 million copies. CoD Ghosts has sold 1.63 million copies on Xbone, 2.02 million on ps4, 8 million on ps3, and 8 million on the 360. So tell me again why CoD is dead? It hasn't sold as well as BO2 or MW3 did, but I mean we are what, 10 games into the series? Of course numbers will be a little bit lower. People are a little tired, more games are coming out, next-gen consoles were released.

         I just don't understand the "console wars." It's evident that both consoles are doing extremely, EXTREMELY well. CoD is still selling millions upon millions of units, and is continuing to do so.

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          I find that a majority (not all) of people dropping the "COD is dead" bombs are on the xbox and xbone.  However, when you look a little closer, Titanfall is only available for these consoles.  They have another FPS option, whereas PSN gamers do not.  As for the decreased sales overall, this has been a strange year in that they began implementation of the nexgen consoles.  That throws many gamers for a loop, and could potentially explain the drop in numbers.  Both Titanfall and COD are good games, and both XB and PS are good consoles.  Sales numbers are to complex to narrow down to a single factor.

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              That's true, but you have to remember that the ps4 does have bf4 and killzone (two AMAZING games). I actually looked at killzone's numbers, and it actually sold 1.5 million, which is amazing considering the kind of fps it is. So for Ghosts to go up against it's direct competitor (bf4) and a game that's been really popular on Sony consoles, Ghosts has actually sold really, really well. As for the people the people saying CoD is dead being on the xbox.. I agree. Haha it seems like people on xbox live are so arrogant when it comes to everything. They firmly believe TF will be the next CoD, and for all we know it might. But they don't realize that if it's on THEY'RE console, it'll never grow to be as big as CoD and will most definitely die after the first year.

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              On the Xbox side of things you have to remember that the PS4 sells in 48 markets, the ONE sells in around 13 markets. So the PS4 to even compare to the ONE would have to sell 4 times as many units to even be equal. I think Tokyo hasnt even gotten their hands on the ONE yet. Imagine how much MS will sell just in Tokyo ?


              Now I will admit how you can see above how even true numbers can show your POV. Plus the fact that its quite possible the ONE will have a 360 emulator. That could mean my entire collection will not have to be "rented or repurchased". As of the other days news that seems a possibility which I actually still dont doubt its possible.

              I feel when the XONE gets going it will leave PS4 in the dust, ESPECIALLY if its backwards compatibility allows players to play the old games without a fee.


              As for game sales almost ALL games sold last year were down by 80 percent over the last year. So if Ghosts sold only 80 percent then guess what ? It did well. Just because COD didnt break records doesnt mean they missed their quota to cover the bills. Then you have to add in the changing consoles and other factors as well.


              Sure the numbers have dropped. So waht. No one has a clear definition why the amount of players dropped. Just because "this game sucks" to you doesnt mean that is the evidence that is the reason why no matter what colorful reasoning they use. You have to consider all sides of the story into the equation, not just pick and choose what elements to add in there.


              Its true that COD could have gone over the hump and went downhill since last year. Nothing lasts forever, except for the Simpsons (dont know why). So what. Even Mario is dying and he was the most popular.


              And TF does rock but the thrill doesnt last that long. Of course havent gotten bored yet jumping all over the map

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                     But you have to keep in mind, although Sony has released in more countries, it has outsold in the places where both are released. Do I see the Xbox coming back with a vengeance when the next CoD releases? Yes. By that time the console will be out in most of the world, and people might actually have saved up their money to get their console of preference. I actually think Sony will stop pumping out consoles by the time the summer comes. Most people will have gotten a ps4 by that point, and the xbox will have time to play catch-up when it does hit more countries. So I see the sales numbers almost dead even with the ps4 slightly in the lead.

                     You do have a point though. Last year was a really bad year for software. However, I don't see CoD leaving anytime soon. The only game I see taking CoD's place is Destiny because it's on every platform (unlike TF). And even then, I won't believe it until some official word gets out. But since it's Activision, I assume they'll be out the day of release announcing the billions of dollars they made at the midnight launch (as is with all CoDs).

                     You're definitely right about TF though. I can only stand to play about 30 minutes before getting massively bored and going back to CoD.

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                    starbuckfrack wrote:


                    I think Tokyo hasnt even gotten their hands on the ONE yet. Imagine how much MS will sell just in Tokyo ?



                    answer not many japan is a ps strong hold and nothing will ever change that sont said they aimed for a 5 mil sales mark before the end of the financial year they smashed through that, ps4 was also the fastest selling console in uk history


                    currently ps4 is outselling the xb1 by nearly 2-1 but now ms have dropped the price and they had a sales spurt due to Tf that figure may close but i doubt it, MS totally dropped the ball with the xb and have been fighting a losing battle to win back gamers ever since.

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                        Did not actually know Japan was a "ps country" . I actually though the Ps4 would be even upon release of the ONE. I seriously though that Japan was loaded with odd versions of Nintendo style items.


                        And yeah its true even though MS backpedaled you are right they probably dug a hole so deep they cant get out of with the original policy hanging over their head. for me whatever the policy was they wanted I wouldnt have had a problem either way, except the 24 hour thing, I would have hated that.

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                          Not to mention the TF XB1 bundle was outsold by the infamous second son ps4 bundle in the UK. I have both consoles and up until the next gen launch I had always leaned towards Xbox, however the ps4 is just an all around better gaming machine than the xbone. All the media stuff takes a back seat when it comes down to quality ( for me at least). Titanfall is a good game, maybe even great, but it's not worth 500$ for the second best system on the market.

                          Drop the kinect and sell it for 399.99 and they have a shot at keeping up. Otherwise I don't see them putting up much of a fight.

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                              I think the X1 is starting to come back. Although I agree with you, the ps4 is definitely a better game machine. Personally, I think that the X1 would be a great game machine if Live actually worked on a daily basis. I actually play the X1 version of CoD way more than ps4 despite that fact though. Every time I play the ps4 I get insane frame rate drops, more frequently than the X1. I'd definitely play the ps4 version more if it weren't for that though. Maybe somebody that rarely experiences frame rate drops could help me? I heard clearing out the game DVR helped improve game and overall console performance. Is that true?

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                          The number 1 selling app on the google play store "Virus shield for android" turned out to be a total fake. Any more questions?

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                            Most people want to think COD is dying off just because they no longer enjoy it or because the numbers are lower than usual.  It will be quite some time till it dies completely if it ever does.  The difference between Cod and other fps games is that it is more fast paced and competitive. Sure people complain about Cod more than anything because they want too much and when they get it they complain more. For example; larger maps on Ghosts but this doesn't particularly work well with 6v6 and everybody should know that.  There are others that want more players such as 12v12 but the developers need to know how they can implement this into next gen.  Ghosts might not be what people wanted in "next-gen" because developers didn't know what the Xbox one and PS4 are capable of.  This year is mainly focused on Next Gen which is great, and I personally believe Sledgehammer will prove to people what a "next-gen" game should look and feel like. Just think they have been thinking about ideas and working on it since 2011 when MW3 came out, in which they helped with the Campaign mode only.  I could see this year as the first 12v12 or something like that for cod, it could be for better or for worse.  More players doesn't always mean better gameplay. Sledgehammer would have to make maps large enough for 24 players but not too large because they would have to keep it feel fast paced like Cod should be.  I have Titanfall it is great but I can't play it hours upon hours like Cod.  I have owned a ps4 and it was great just wasn't right for me at the time so I switched to Xbox one. I personally love both as they both have different unique features.  People have their own opinion and right to choose but doesn't give one right to have a war to determine which is outright better.

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                                   I actually just read an article about pro players' opinions on Ghosts. The interview was with Nadeshot, a player from Optic. They asked him about his opinion on Ghosts, and he basically said that the game is garbage. He said that although each studio brings something different each year, and that it's hard to adjust sometimes, IW just really didn't listen, adding and removing important features in competitive play. He also said they were very stubborn about it all. He said that although Ghosts was the worst in the CoD franchise, he wasn't worried about SH because they seem to support the competitive aspect of the game. And before anyone says anything, let me just say: Pro players, for the most part, cry a lot. But in the long run, the game becomes more balanced. 3arc brought a lot of pros in for BO2. That was a very balanced game (for the most part).

                                   I actually like Ghosts for the most part, as do millions of other people. It keeps me busy. But I do agree that it's by far the weakest title in the franchise. I am very optimistic about SH's CoD though. They're focusing solely on the X1 and PS4, and by November-ish a good majority of people will have bought an X1 or Ps4. I don't think CoD will start to decline until after 3arc's game. Because by then, CoD will be like 12 years old or something like that. It will have run it's course, and we will have finally gotten the zombies nex-gen experience we've all been craving. I just think the next two games will be amazing.