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    so is this tactical or camping?

      seems like some of you have trouble separating the two so here's some good old camping in my opinion.  what say you?


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          What they're doing is definitely camping. It doesn't matter if you're sniping, watching an objective, etc. If you're sitting in a certain location for an extended period of time, you're camping. What I will say is that what they're doing in the video is a combination of both. If they're getting that much traffic and are having success at where they are at, why move? This goes back to what you mentioned by leaving them alone instead of feeding them kills. I don't like camping as much as the next guy, but if they're having that much success doing what they're doing, I see no reason for them to stop.

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              noobs will run in there and die but you'll never beat good players with that.  give me emps back and i'll clear them out in a few seconds.  right now there's no defense except ignoring them, which then makes the game essentially 4 on 6 if the rest of their team isn't hiding too.  time limit match for sure

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              Sure, its camping but I also see they scored double what the team of the video whiner did.


              Actually I was hoping this was a good example of map control but I didn't see them using the position to suppress the street much, seemed it was the doorway. But apparently that was where the action was. I guess I can't blame them. If I am in a spot and everyone just wants to keep charging over and over to rack up my kills, why not?


              In this example there are two ways into that room, not one, and good players coordinating can take it. I also don't think that the window rooms are the best positions or strategy for map control on Warhawk.


              I really think people should spend less time crying about this or that being OP or how other people play and instead focus on their own play. I hate to bring up "real" vs "game" but on a real battlefield they other guys aren't going to "play" the way you want or only use the equipment you want in the method you choose. Actually that is just life in general.

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                By the way sittin in corners is campin, holdin down rooms etc gettin mutliple 35 plus kills no deaths sometimes no less than 5 at times and best so far 44 1 and 47 highest ever in tdm all in hardcore i call skill but ye i obvs have got a few high negatives too even when i was in a clan i did core for clan wars even tho my mode is hardcore, what bores me are the crap maps like tremor octane just to mention 2 of many

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                  If this is just TDM, then it is completely camping.


                  Other game modes, holding down that building is great for something like DOM, but when you don't have a certain objective to look over from that building, it goes from "tactical" to camping.


                  People don't understand, like the guy said, even if you run blast shield, the camper has a huge advantage in the gunfight even if their explosive doesn't kill for them, he knows exactly where you will be, and needs half as many bullets to kill in that situation. I have started doing the just leave campers alone strategy, when I'm not running with my usual group, but that just slows the game down even more. Not have people to shoot, or run into a trap and frame myself in a doorway? Not a hard decision.


                  EMP grenade or old stalker that delays their BS would be great. The guys sitting in those buildings do it for two reasons... most of the time it is a combination of both, but not always.


                  One, the player just wants to nurse his/her k/d


                  Two, the player does not have the gun skill to go toe to toe and win without hiding behind cover and damaging players coming at them before the gun fight with explosives, or just knowing exactly where someone will be


                  It is dumb, it is lame, and it most certainly cannot be fun. The only fun a camper can have is looking at his k/d at the end of a match, and that isn't even him having fun, that is a person that maybe just needs an ego boost, or whatever else. It slows the game down, it is too easy to do, and it is literally a pain in the ass.


                  These players are so quick to defend their playstyle and any type of aggressive player is a "headless chicken", but they apparently still haven't realized they need rushers in this game to have any significant amount of kills. If everyone played their way, they would sit in a building and get 2-3 kills over the 15 min or so it took for the timer to run out.


                  If playing this way gives people enjoyment, there are so many other slow MP games that would give you much more enjoyment, but this game/community is not what that playstyle is for. plain and simple.


                  Playing "tactically" is used as an excuse for camping way too often these days. If you are running with a full party, doing call-outs and locking down an area(keep in mind I said area, not door or room), then that is playing tactically. If you are just in random lobbies sitting in buildings/corners and not playing the objective, then that is camping and you are a selfish waste of a spot in the lobby.

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                    Is this all you do, complain about campers non-stop?  Seriously just get over it we are gonna camp whether you like it or not.  Deal with it or quit the game.

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                      Do you guys even think the window in the example vid is a good camp spot? I think the only reason the video even looks sensational is that a bunch of idiots kept trying to get in there and obviously couldn't get the job done.


                      I've sat at that window from time to time. What I see is that unless you have some guys in the lobby that don't know the map, most people don't go running through the street to give a camper much. When I'm on the ground and stick my head out it's normally ADS to take out anyone in that spot. With some aware players I see that as a spot campers go to get killed.


                      I'm not for or against camping, everyone plays their own way. Personally I can get more kills on that map in a dozen other spots, moving around or just leaning around corners and shooting the first thing that moves in one of the windows. Maybe the guys crying about the campers should see the flip side of the coin: you know where they are at to avoid them or even go after them. Not like they are gonna move around or go anywhere.

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                        If it works, and your "teamates" keep feeding them kills, it's tactical.  They are doing what works for a win.  Like you said, the counter, is to just stop feeding them kills by rushing them.  That's also tactical.  "Campers', in my opinion, would not even use such an effective strategy (that your team is encouraging), but are those players that find a random corner in a room and crouch there waiting for the random passer by.  I use the term "corner crouchers" instead of campers for those players.

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                            Look at the scores at the end.  Every single player on my team besides me went negative. They almost all had a .5 kd.  How many times you going to try the same thing?  I was going to quit and get other teammates but thought this would make a good video.   The should just add a ladder to that awning outside the window. 

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                            I would say its camping to the extreme and you had really stupid teammates. I wouldn't say what the winning team did required any real skill as they were lucky to start out the game on that side. Definitely abused the tactical set up for sure. Trophy system with IEDs all over the place and multiple players camped out in the same room... Should've used RPG on them...


                            Had the same thing happen today on Warhawk, luckily my team was smart enough to not go up into the building and we ended up pretty much spawn trapping them in the bar for a pretty easy win.


                            A helpful tip for downloading your videos off Facebook. If you make the video HD on Facebook, go to developer tools on the Chrome menu and you will find the exact URL for your HD video, go to that link and you will be able to save your HD video directly onto your computer.

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                              I would say this is tactical because not just one team member is doing it on their own. You can say it is just plain old camping because they are all in the same room not moving much and although you may think they are not playing they objective, they are. TDM objective is to kill 75 other team players before they kill you 75 times. So in fact they camped and completed they objective as a tactical team.


                              If they they did this in Demolition and just got kills no plants then it would be clearly camping because they had no interest in the objective.


                              The amount of camping that does go on in this game is annoying. There is no law though to say how the game should be played. With lack of EMP grenades etc it seems like it does cater more to the campers play style a little.


                              Everyone has a different idea of fun. Some people like to always be in the action shooting guns and using their fast reflexes.

                              Other players play a different style that may cause their opponents to use a little brain power and think for a minute or two instead of rushing back into that same room and getting killed again. This is where the camper name calling comes into play.

                              A lot of people do not like to use their brain on CoD and think it is a rush around free fire and kill everybody easily arcade shooter. (I am not saying CoD players are dumb btw, Just their attitude towards the game is one sided for most of them.)


                              People like me with just about average reflexes would be stupid to run out into the open all the time and expect to win on reflexes alone. So then comes the time to move from cover to cover, flank, anything that gains an advantage over my/our  opponent(s). I don't camp I tried it and find it boring, so I have to play the game tactically enough not to depend on my reflexes, not camping but also enjoying the game which is hard to do.


                              Since I have only had the game since Friday and have minimal perks, Weapons and Killstreaks/Scorestreaks I get slaughtered.

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                                  everyone has a different idea of fun but i must be in the majority because ghosts is now 19.99.  19.99!  mw2 is 20 bucks.  hahahaha.  nobody is playing except for those of us that sold their ps3 to get the ps4 and have nothing else to play.  the spawns, lag, and the community have gutted the game.  5000 people on in domination at peak hours?  so tactical it up folks but you'll be playing with yourselves just like in real life

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                                      Wow seriously really!! Dont you think thats just it and why the game sucks now and hardly anyone is playing it? Rushers have ruined the game thats why.  Too many rushers leads to too many spawns. Game modes like crank and perks like maniac is what has killed this game! The game is so fast that the engine cant keep up with all the spawns. Speed has killed this game.

                                      When you have too much speed and frame rate issues your gonna have very bad lag.  Coupled with poor connection the engine is doing its best to match all that up and even even it out. Thusly it  becomes a complete joke and laggy game.


                                      As far as your video on campers in a room. LOL.  Last time I checked objective of a game is to win.  Am I right or wrong?  It was a perfectly tactical way to win. Clans do this all day long.  They protect one area of the map.  The emp perk would be a good idea. But if they bring that back which they should.  Then they should also buff the IEDs.


                                      I gotta say after spending the same amount of time playing both Black Ops and now Ghosts.  Black Ops was better!  Maps were better, perks were better.  Guns were better.  Only thing I like about Ghosts is the attention to detail on these maps.  But I suspect because of it we get frame rate issues.

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                                          Your solution is for everyone to never move?  That's an option but nobody wants to play that way except a very small portion of the community and soon you'll have your way when everyone quits playing but you, too bad that means they won't have the money to keep it up and running. 


                                          Spawns aren't hurt by rushers.  That's silly.  They have big maps, just add more spawn points.  You shouldn't be able to ads at a spawn point and fire while people keep spawning there.  Demolition was like that if you had a garbage team sometimes but this game doesn't even have demolition.   Last I checked cranked had like 500 people in it.  Nobody playing that crap.  Good concept but campers just can't kill someone every 30 seconds.  

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                                            Rushers/aggressive players have gone so far as to ruin this game?! LOL.


                                            Aggressive gameplay is what CoD is.


                                            People could argue that the large maps, giving campers and head glitchers a clear advantage, leads to a lot of people getting tired of this game and going back to blops 2.


                                            This game is not ruined by rushers, and there will always be campers. This game more than any other gives a huge advantage to campers, while making it almost pointless to rush. All this does is slow gameplay down. People do not want long games. Win or lose, the camping playstyle just drags games out, and it is not fun.


                                            People buy CoD over other FPS for a reason. If you want to play a camping gameplay, more power to you, but this game is designed to play much faster, and players get bored when too many people use your style of play.


                                            It blows my mind how many games end on time limit, and if I am in a party, I have heard "I have run around the map almost 2 times and haven't seen anyone" far too often.


                                            If it is a fun playstyle for you, cool. you are just that guy in the lobby. When too many people use it, nobody has fun... If you didn't have people running across a street to shoot would you have fun?


                                            Like I said earlier, camping is part of every CoD and it will continue to be, but what happens when they design a game that gives campers/head glitchers a huge advantage (due to range)? The players get tired of losing gunfights to people they never even get to shoot at. After awhile, they go back to blops 2 or other games.


                                            So did rushers really ruin this game, or would it be so many people using your playstyle to be successful on this game, which makes it slow and dull?


                                            Seriously, just think for a minute how games would play out if everyone played CoD like you enjoy doing... Who would you kill?

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                                              Was biting my tongue until your outrageous post. This is what I learned tonight playing in a full party. We tried to control the spawns by NOT rushing and guess what, it was just mindless exchange of gunfire as no one crossed the railroad track on Freight where we were doing piss poor. Guess what, we decided to screw it and rush and ended up in the enemy spawn and proceeded to win easily from that point on by repeatedly spawn killing them until we had our streaks.


                                              The point of rushing is to screw up the spawns so hopefully the enemy will spawn near you rather than on the other side of the map. This holds true in ANY FPS. I couldn't care less that rushers ruin your spawns and make it into a chaotic mess. You hate rushers so much, you want to BUFF IEDs?!?! You sure do miss your 30-24 Stonehaven matches don't you? What is wrong with Maniac? They can be killed just by unloading a clip hip firing while strafing backwards. Oh right, the concept of running around is totally foreign to you. You can't play the game without NOT moving. And Cranked? Don't play it then. At least most people in this forum acknowledge camping and rushing as viable tactics, you however think rushing is blasphemous and EVERYONE should play like a statue.


                                              Funny how you point out Black Ops was better when that game clearly played faster and SMGs reigned supreme. You are a hypocrite that keeps saying you can't camp anymore without some rusher destroying you, yet you actually believe a game where rushing is clearly favored is better than Ghosts. Out of curiosity, have you actually gotten a game where you got more than 30 kills doing what you do? If not, then it must be your connection

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                                                  If you like rushing and going 25 and 24.  Like most rushers stats go.  Then dont ever complain about lag or bad spawns.  You and your rushing buddies are the reason for those stupid spawns and all the ******** that comes with it.  If rushing is what makes the game fun then why is sales dropping off quicker then you can say maniac?  Everytime I log on to play there are about 45 thousand players online.  Thats a joke. Im almost in the belief that the reason this game is so laggy is because everyone rushes.  I play only TDM.  In most of the games Ive played rarely do I see campers.  Except for the split screen clowns who camp out in a room.  Most are rushing with SMGs on every map including Stonehaven!.

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                                                      To counter your post:


                                                      1) The game is laggy at times because hosts keep switching because of players dropping out. Not because of people respawning. Then by your logic, a game of Cranked will cause The Internet to implode on itself. I believe you are the nice gentleman that likes to complain about the lag causing you to have fail games as apparently you are the one with the amazing internet! From my recollection, I don't believe I have ever said overly bad things about the "lag"


                                                      2) Sales are dropping because people are frustrated with adapting to the new style in play. Campers can't camp well while rushers can't rush well, no one seems to be happy. Doesn't help when DLC for this game has turned into a cluster f*ck. Funny thing is people will complain about the next CoD and how Ghosts was so much better around this time next year.


                                                      3) Yes there are 45000 players online on PS4 because most players are still in previous gen consoles. Not everyone has $500 in disposable income just lying there as the game library right now for next gen is piss poor. If you think 45000 is bad, on the night of PS4 release there were only 4000 players online and I still was able to find many good lobbies without this constant lag you speak of.


                                                      4) I like to rush, but I sure as hell don't ever go 25-24 . Maybe during the first week I did.


                                                      5) You only play TDM and don't see anyone camping, well that's because you don't move from your spot as I have played against you in TDM a couple weeks ago; of course you won't see any campers unless you had super vision like Superman (which would be f*cking AWESOME!). Campers can't see campers as that would make one of them............wait for it...... NOT A CAMPER. Enough with trolling, there are always a couple players that will camp, especially if they are having a terrible game to begin with, rather than feeding people kills, they will post up and not be hindrance. Yes, it sucks to get killed by a camper when you're on an epic streak but probably sucks more if you're that guy that gets killed and causes your team to get Helo Pilot'd, Loki'd or KEM'd. No one wants to get KEM'd...


                                                      6) even with the SMG buff, from my own personal experience, I would still say AR's >>> SMGs on every map except FreeFall and Strikezone

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                                                          I have a 2 something kd in tdm and I balls to the wall rush.  Problem comes when the entire est if the lobby including my teammates hide in a room together.  Prison break an hour ago the whole enemy team hid in the tower or the construction site across from it depending on where I killed them all last.  My team camped the logs or the b flag.  Wtf?  They aren't coming.  Move.  I have a video on my channel where I dropped 45 kills in tdm on prison break and we won by time limit.  I think the final score was roughly 65 to 50.  Can you imagine the score if I hadn't joined?  25 to 20 maybe? 

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                                                    I have had this game almost a week now but only because it was a deal with the PS4 and a years free PS plus. After playing again yesterday and either getting shot in the back by someone in a corner or a window after moving my big toe I decided to play them at their own game and camped I went 7-4 after being 0-4 and I got so bored just sat there waiting. I like you have no other PS4 game yet. I have kept my ps3 and my 30 something games as back up though and I cannot see me playing this for much longer. The maps are too big for 12 players, the maps are cluster frucks and not many games reach the score limit.


                                                    Yesterday after 6 minutes into a game the score was 21-19..WTF?


                                                    When the game caters mostly to campers and people that don't like to camp are at a disadvantage (at least make the game so any play style can compete) they will stop playing the game and you will have 12 players all sat in a room, window, corner or a spawn all waiting for someone to walk past.


                                                    I honestly think somehow both developers of the CoD gaming franchise has managed to kill the golden goose.


                                                    Having not played a CoD game in my life before this one so I have used youtube to look back at various other versions and to me MW2 look to be the best with good maps and better game play. But the One Man Army perk or weapon looked a bit too insane, how could you ever lose if a whole team used that?


                                                    I think Camp on Duty is dying and people are starting to talk with their wallets.


                                                    I only have the game because it meant I got a years free PS Plus, no other deal offered that I had to take ghosts or no PS Plus free.

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                                                  I agree, thats camping. Even if IW simply put a second way that was easy to get into that room, those guys wouldn't be there. I think the mechanics of this game are 100 times better than BLOPS 2, but agree that the play style of BLOPS2 was more fun. You seemed to have some headless chickens as team mates in that game tho.


                                                  I'd also like to see a proper EMP in this game.

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                                                    It's only camping if it is agains a bad team (as apparently this is) otherwise it's suicide. I have held the door to protect a sniper myself, that/s just teamwork, but in this case there doesn't seem to be anyone firing out of the window. I have classess set up to deal with this sort of situation, just equip a launcher and you thank them for giving you dominos kills. The guy in the video was throwing grenades in the window and door, but rest of team seemed suicidal. Best solution is for those that have grenades and launchers to throw/fire through window and door, others to aim at them in case they try to do a runner, camping lasts seconds and game resumes.

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                                                      It's a "hybrid system" Mark Rubin implemented called TaCping.