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    Will my pc hold blackops 2????? :(

      HEY!!! I was wondering if my pc could handle black ops 2. My processor is Intel core i5-4430 CPU 3.00GHz. I really want to play it, but I don't want to lose my $1,000 PC... also, I have 12.0 GB ram installed. HELP!!!

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          The CPU is fine but if your plan is to only use the Intel HD Graphics then at least in Multiplayer 'personally' I wouldn't; your competing against players that can hit the 200 FPS (frames per second) cap and since movement, firing rates, etc are calculated on FPS you're at a disadvantage in BO2 and most FPS (first person shooters) games. I would look at a Discrete GPU e.g. GTX 760 or higher or R9 270X and that's taking into account other games and playing in HD 1920x1080 with reasonable settings.


          BO2 Benchmarks (Medium settings, also look at higher settings) - tomshardware.com/reviews/call-of-duty-black-ops-ii-performance-benchmark,3357-5 .html

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            thanks. and do you know a website that can modify computers into gaming computers? or at least get a GTX 760?