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    I need Help from activision to "downgrade" DLC purchases from X1 to 360. Microsoft directed me to here for help.


      I Own xbox 360, and purchased COD ghosts along with the season pass,  as I was to understand any purchases made are transferable. I now, only as of late realize it was from 360 to X1 when as an upgrade. However 360's break down so often, this is my 5th one. I had the disk read error and had to have the disk tray replaced, during which time I purchased the X1 to continue my love affair with COD. I purchased season pass and a few other dlc  I have friends who play Ghosts on 360 and would like to be able to play with them till they move forward and buy an X1. I don't feel after purchasing the game twice for two consoles I should also have to buy another season pass. I would hope someone here can help me resolve this issue. I feel a victim as the new X1 was launched riddled with issues. constant game crashing to main menu, the controllers just loose there connection to the console, u have to pull the battery pack to re-establish connection.. Not to mention the console will never shut off completely with out actually unplugging it. it came with no dolby digital support only DTS so I couldn't even play in surround sound. at this point I am extremely frustrated with Microsoft. I hope Activision would find it in their hear to help a long standing faithful cod player help resolving this issue...