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    Anyone Please Help, Just Started Playing and Now I'm lev 70 Because of a Hacker and I don't Want to Be.

      I literally started playing like 4 days ago and I just got rank 19. I entered a que in groundwar planning on playing some tdm or domination and when I got in to a game, It was really wiered. Whenever I got a kill, A bunch of random numbers popped up with some plus signs thrown in there and when i got shot its like I got blasted backwards. I didnt know what was going on, so I played for like 30 sec more then I looked at the score to see is it was just a graphics glitch when I killed someone, but all the sudden I was lev 70 along with everyone else. I guess when I entered this game and I got a kill, the score didn't lie. I was getting like 50k exp for every kill and I didnt know. I tried to contact activision but they dont have a support page for MW2 so I don't know who to contact to get my level reset. Can anyone help me???