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    All clan wars all divisions opt in?

      I Know that not everyone has access to the app and that very well could be the reason that all clans with 3 or more members are automatically enrolled into clan wars. The commander and lt commander are able to opt into diamond , isn't about time to implement this for all divisions bronze through platinum as well. numerous clans have no interest in clan wars as they may be mode specific. They could be a search and destroy clan they could be an extinction clan, they may be a clan that enjoys the esports rules and plays clan v clan . They should not lose there clans because they don't play clan wars , it wasn't their choice to be enrolled in clan wars , it was automatic.. My clan has for the most part had highly competitive clan wars but reading post after post of how anywhere from 3-5 clans aren't participating in divisions and have many feeling a lack of any competition. Wouldn't an opt in for each clan war create a higher level of competition? And if they don't opt in they simply are not in that clan war. If they do opt in and there are no maintenance issues or servers down and they do not record any wins and show zero activity they sit the next war out Before being allowed to opt in again. before this I might suggest figuring out a way that commanders and lt commanders can opt in from console.  I have seen some great I put in recent threads and look foreward to some more here. I know I very easily could have missed some valid points as I typed this on a whim. Thoughts and improvement ideas welcome.

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          Re: All clan wars all divisions opt in?

          i totally agree.i have some friends friends who  have an extinction clan and don't care about mp.their clan shouldn't be listed in clan wars.On my side in each war i partecipated at least 6 clans were active.

          it should be nice for clan leaders to have the choice to partecipate or not to clan wars.

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            Re: All clan wars all divisions opt in?

            I think the opt in feature would be a big step in the right direction to make clan wars more competetive and fun for all.  In BO2 we had to "enroll".  Elite had some nice features that just seem to have been dumped completely. I'm sure this will get better with time as long as they listen to user feedback.

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              Re: All clan wars all divisions opt in?

              I agree that for Diamond there should be a requirement to opt in for each war.  As for BR-PL, probably not, unless it could be integrated into the game somehow.  People should not be punished for not having the app.  That said, I think it's likely that there are almost no clans in Platinum that aren't using the app, so for PL, I would say thats a possibility.

              Another idea, although a little off topic:  Allow commanders to set the target in the game.  Similar to how you see what games you get the active bonuses on for nodes you capture, the target should be highlighted in red.  For clans not using the App, the target could be marked based on the game mode the Commander is playing or played last.  That way, you have three divisions (BR-GLD)  that are competing without need for the app, and two more elite divisions (PL, DIA), that require the app to opt in.  I don't see any of the changes above rocking the boat too much, and may help to address many of the complaints about low participation.

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