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    PS4 COD NAT settings moderate and strict. PS3 OPEN



      Need some advice. My PS3 and Xbox both ran Call of Duty Ghosts as open but my ps4 seems to jump between moderate and strict. This is extremely annoying. I have contacted Sky ( my ISP) and Sony and both haven't been able to help. Sony said the issue is with Port Forwarding and contact SKY, Sky said the issue is with channel my hub sends its signal out. This doesn't make sense as all my other devices work fine.


      I am hoping someone else may have experienced this or if anyone can advise me what to do?



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          Re: PS4 COD NAT settings moderate and strict. PS3 OPEN

          If you did port forwarding or DMZ for your PS3, you will have to change those settings for your PS4. Some of the ports will be the same, and you can't forward the same port to multiple IPs.  I would check the port forwarding of the router, and delete all old entries for your PS3.  After that, if it's a newer router, UPnP should be all you need. If that doesn't work, you will need to port forward or put the PS4 in a DMZ.  In either case, you must first assign your PS4 a static IP.  DMZ opens your PS4 to internet traffic, essentially bypassing the router.  If you go the port forwarding route, here are some ports to forward to get you started:

          TCP: 1116-1150, 28910
          UDP: 1116-1150, 5165, 27900-27901

          Other than that, make sure you are hard wired.

          If you need help forwarding ports for your router, check portforward.com

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            Re: PS4 COD NAT settings moderate and strict. PS3 OPEN

            Having two consoles connected to the same router causes problems, especially when the same ports are needed.

            Give the following link a read. I would suggest port forwarding your PS4 and placing the PS3 into the DMZ.


            Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2

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