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    Looking for Quick scoping clan and friends

      Just started watching The Darth Empire on youtube and made me really want to get into quick scoping, im decent quickly improving more looking to join a Q/S clan if its a named clan like darth or faze thats fine by me kinda looking for something like that and atleast enough members to play with a full team. looking to have fun have some good players to show me some good tips and tricks so i can get better at Q/Sing. Im 46 prestige 4 reset from master prestige before i started Q/S hardcore i had a 1.63 K/D but i still maintain a 1.49 atm cause im only using snipers. I have a mic always on when im playing with people.. Age limit on adds atleast 17 like to play with people atleast somewhat around my age. If your interest ill try out for a clan and ill make a new account with the clan name to join. PSN is crixus257 hmu any time, also looking for daily players in a clan alot more fun when you got people to have fun with joke around and play the game with. i also mainly play core .