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    Why I think Microsoft wouldn't give up the rights to CoD

         Here are the reasons why I think CoD won't switch its lead console to ps4:

      1. Microsoft are making millions upon billions of dollars off the CoD franchise. Definitely more than Titanfall, simply because CoD is multiplatform.

      2. Titanfall isn't a sure thing. If/when it becomes multiplatform, then I'm almost positive Microsoft will lock the same deal that CoD has. But as of right now, there's no telling how much the new IP will make them in the long run.

      3. As you know, all CoD commercials, the CoD Champs, multiplayer reveal, all say "brought to you by Xbox" or "get content first on Xbox." Microsoft obviously invests a BUNCH of money into advertising. In return they get a BUNCH of money from people buying games and consoles, or watching streams of tournaments.

      4. Microsoft has a deal with MLG. Hence the MLG app on the 360, and why the CoD Champs were streamed exclusively on mlg.tv. Not only do the pro players seem to prefer the X1 controller (although I hear they also like the ps4 controller as much or more), but Microsoft puts a lot of money into MLG so they can use the Xbox for CoD.

         I highly, HIGHLY doubt Sony are willing to all of the sudden pick up all of these burdens. I know they spent money for MLG to use the ps3 during BO1, but obviously they couldn't/wouldn't do it anymore. They most likely have sunk a lot of money into Destiny, and there's no telling if that will be a success like CoD or a sem-flop like Titanfall. If this were a year ago, and if BO2 would've sold less than Ghosts, I think Microsoft would have considered letting CoD go. But they're not just going to throw away the biggest franchise in entertainment history because one game didn't sell them a trillion consoles. I'd LOVE to see DLC first and a better running game on ps4. But I'd also hate to see one of the best things about the Xbox go away. I bought an Xbox for CoD. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I bought a ps4 for everything else. I'd hate to have wasted $500 on something I'd never touch.


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