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    listen to hardcore community too


      Not just core community just get rid of the the core hardcore and tone it down so even for everyone till then put free for all in hardcore

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          I'm all for more game modes in hardcore, but free-for-all isn't one of them.  Spawn, toss a frag, get a kill...rinse and repeat.

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            I would say this is becoming a kids, early teens game , mike myers, predator, 3 aliens  as field order rewards in Hardcore. You won't find many of em playing that mode(easy to take down), I'm for hardcore mode , but let's get realistic, the mode is becoming a big let down with these developers slowly taking away some actual good HC games and replacing with games like Blitz , Drop Zone ,Infected , are you getting the picture? (kids games) IMO.- If you feel otherwise, this is the wrong place to answer

            There's a thread now on who else will be making an appearance in the next DLC drop, which members are putting in high hopes on their idea, so to be wanting more games modes for HC well good luck bro , I made threads,liked other members threads for the same thing even a poll to replace SnR with one the best games ever SnD so few replies so few views. ,

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              Im not a huge fan of free for all but I just want to see more modes in HC. I've made a class for core and im not doing so bad at it, I was getting bored with the 4 game modes we had in HC. And I gotta say for me , drop zone is a lot of fun. There is really no strategy so you get lots of noobs, but it's a fast paced mode that I have played recently , and I'm not as bored with the game anymore.

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                Noob tubes need to be disabled in HC. They are going to ruin HC for most adult gamers!