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    My thoughts on the last DD war... and hopefully yours :)


      Just wanted to  blurt out a couple of my thoughts from last DD clan war.

      For some context Im a low level leader in MRKA we are in like ~60th place on the leader board (im not too sure as of typing this im just guessing cuz last time I checked we were 53rd) Any ways I play a lot and have been participating in clan wars for a couple months now, im not saying I know everything by any means or that im right.




      1. I absolutely love the 4 hour windows it really makes every game almost a necessary win
      2. I really like the improved matchmaking.. even though it takes a little longer to get in a game the improved competition is definatly a plus



      Now my “some-guy-on-the-internet” suggestions to make it better


      1. Remove cranked – This imo is a party game. Keep it to TDM, KC, DOM, BLITZ, S&D, and to fill it out S&R or some hardcore variants if that’s too little.
      2. Move diamond division clans who haven’t scored a point in the last two clan wars back down to platinum
      3. Enable E-Sports Rules. Now this maybe the most drastic of changes… but technically this would be the time to use them. This would lure over the “GBONLY!!!” players and hopefully create even greater competiton.



      Thanks for your time if ya read this!



      Smell ya later,



      What did you think? Should we enable Esport rules?

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