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    I d would like to see

      A DLC map that is completely round or oval.  A flat, open and totally unprotected arena. Say a baseball field. No corners no levels, just us and some weapons. What weapons? a slingshot, a compound bow, a knife, and maybe a stick. This solves all the camping and rushing arguments. Be pretty cool if I could create such in a private match. I can select and set the weaponry, but a totally barren map. EPIC.

      Then lets see who would put their "money" where their mouth is. Just straight up old school warfare. Here's you six over here and my six over there, after the countdown GO. may God have mercy on our souls.

      Seems to me a number of us would like to see some simpler maps. I enjoy a nice sniper hide every now again too. After getting my ghillie I rarely if ever snipe now. but old school blood and guts type fight.