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    Call of Duty Web App

      I hope this discussion finds itself in the right hands and/or eyes..


      Hey Activision / Infinity Ward / Neversoft / Ravensoft,


      I currently find your Call of Duty App to be a bit of an inconvenience for gamers, clan owners, clan managers, and even clan members. You had, what seemed to be, a wonderful system for Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II, the Elite App. Great statistics, user tracking, and was available on a variety of mediums (Phone, Tablet, and Web Browser).


      [What follows is not a rant]

      Now you guys seemed to have replaced this with the Call of Duty App. Cool, I'm all for new things. It's a bit weird you would scrap the Elite App after using it for just a year or two, and try to completely reinvent it already, but thats not my call or decision. The problem I, and many others I have talked to, face is the fact that the only way to access the features of clan wars/clan management are solely through the app. The app of course often being very laggy or unresponsive entirely. This causes a few issues, limited access being the top issue I feel. I often find myself talking to clan members who have no idea how to track anything, or having a smartphone and/or tablet that does not currently support the app. The solution would be allowing anyone to access/manage their clan via both app and web interface.


      Now, I have no idea if this has come up in conversations and put aside for another day, or maybe not enough players have really stepped up and talked about this being an issue. What I do know is, I am a website developer, and also am a WebApp Developer (using Cappuccino). If you guys are too busy to implement this type of web-based system, would it be easier if you could create some sort of API to allow third party developers to create their own interfaces?


      Personally, I really think the API system would be great for two reasons: One, you can lets developers out there to help create interfaces for people to use via the web, and maybe allow a few to be directly sponsored or endorsed by Call of Duty. Two, this could dramatically cause a huge interest in Call of Duty games as a portal to not only playing some fun FPS, online action game, but also programmers who could also connect to the game in a whole new way.


      Myself, being both a huge gamer (sadly never registered for CODSports this year) and a programmer, would love to be able to create a system to allow my clan's managers and members easily view quick stats about the clan, current clan rank in the clan war, and stats about each clan war node. Of course, if it works well, I'd be more than happy to let other clans use the system.


      So in short, the issue of limited access to the Call of Duty App could be fixed/improved if you guys implement a web-based version of the app (minus features that of course would be better for the app or not really needed for online). On top of that, an API system in place that could pull JSON data about a clan and/or member would greatly open doors to future third-party systems that could help those who have limited access to the Call of Duty App and spark interest in the developer community.


      Thoughts, comments, and whatever else welcomed.



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          Re: Call of Duty Web App

          excellent idea.  the data is there just give us an API!  we can already use a 3rd party app to use the actual app on a computer so why not let us create our own.  stats and clan info via JSON hardly poses any risk.  I too would love to create a web interface specifically for clan stats so we can see who got what kills each day of the clan war, and wins, accuracy, KD, etc.  This would make the clan war a lot more manageable and fun.


          great Idea HaxMonkey!

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            Re: Call of Duty Web App

            We were pushing heavily for this when the game was released and only heard that there were no plans for this. I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. Their app is using an API already so the API already exists...it's just opening it up for people to use or for them to use it to create a web interface.


            On top of what you are asking, they also need to provide a lot more stats like they used to do. This is especially important for clan owners but unfortunately they don't give us those stats anymore and thus managing your members becomes much more tricky.

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