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    Ghosts app

      AApologies of this subject has already been put forward but I couldn't find it....anyway....

      i Really think that the ghosts app needs an activity meter of some description that the comander/lt commanders can acces showing clan members activity levels during clan wars. Having members that are not taking part is a massive hindrance to the chances of coming out on top. I think myself and many others would find it hugely beneficial towards running our clans. Any thoughts would be welcome better still any idea of how to get the rite people to put this in to effect would be even better

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          Re: Ghosts app

          I think the app is a good alternative, but everything that contains the app should be in the game menu.

          Personally I see the clan war, as too virtual. really the only thing I see when I'm playing is the part of bonus points clan war, but nothing else, or, I do not see it.

          I have not understood the relationship between personal victory and punctuation Clan during the war. I've been looking at the app all the time and I did not find any changes when winning.

          maybe you can clarify my doubts, boss.

          a greeting.

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              Re: Ghosts app

              WHen clan wars is running if you go on to the clan wars page and select one of the nodes then select scoreboard....at the bottom if the screen it will tell you how many wins your clan already has or it will say how many wins an supposing clan has that already holds that node. Know as defences, in that scenario each one of your wins knocks off one of there defences until the node becomes open again, then your wins count towards capturing the node and you should see your clans total increase......hope that clears that one up and if anyone else has a better explanation feel free to give it

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