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    Question regarding spectrum camo codes


      Got a question, i meant a guy recently started playing with him alittle found out he had spectrum camo codes, at the time i had 360 i recently upgraded to a xbone. He told me he has one more xbox one code to spare if i wanted to buy off him. He said he would show me proof of having it sent me a link to a picture. The picture shows the spectrum camo and patch after code entered but he didnt download it just put the code in to have the picture come up. Now my only problem is he says its an xbox one code, but he entered the code on xbox 360 and it showed up. So what im asking is will an xbone spec camo code pop up if entered on a 360

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          I'd be dubious about buying Spectrum codes from a guy you just met, there have been reports of people being scammed. If he's trying to sell them over XBL he's also breaking the XBL ToU  found here: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/Legal/LiveTOU


          "Transferring consumable currency or virtual goods is strictly prohibited except where explicitly authorized within the Services. Outside of a game, you may not buy or sell any consumable currency or virtual goods for actual monetary instruments or otherwise exchange items for value. Any attempt to do so is in violation of this agreement."

          You risk getting both yours and his account banned.

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            I would be hesitant about offering money to a stranger to purchase these codes.  I received the spectrum camo through Microsoft's Expertzone program.  After completing the accreditation I received a code for both the 360 and the One.  I accidentally entered the 360 code on my One, and I received an error message that the code couldn't be redeemed on this console.  My suggestion would be to pass on this one.  All Gamestop and Best Buy employees have access to it, and I would suggest that you ask one of them if they have any extra.

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              scam run a mile!!!