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    [Xbox 360 UK Clan] [All Camo's and Red Tags] [Need 7 new members] [We have won every Diamond and Platinum War]

      Morning all,


      I am part of a UK Clan on the Xbox 360. We are currently looking to recruit 7 players. We play Diamond division clan wars and have won the past 3 and also won every platinum war we played.  We therefore have all the Camo's and will be playing future clan wars with the aim to win.


      • Need a KD of 1.5+ (not essential but definitely not lower than 1)
      • From the UK and have a working microphone
      • Play objectively during clan wars. We don't care about your KD ratio during clan war games, we care about winning the round.
      • Most of us are 20+ but we are recruiting any age as long as you are not squeaky. You know who you are!
      • Able to put in 2 out of 3 nights of the Diamond clan war.




      If you enjoy playing tactically and winning then give me a shout. My Xbox tag is Jaba08