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    Going for C when we have A, B


      In domination I don't understand why capping C is necessary. Now I'll give the scenario that I'm talking about.


      Me and my team have A and B locked down secure and the enemy isn't spawning all over the place they're starting from the C flag. We've got everything cool and locked and the game is going well.


      However one person then decides to go and cap C, we have a decent lead and we know that unless they somehow dominate us, they won't easily catch up.


      Now when they cap C all this does is make them spawn near A or sometimes B but B areas tend to be somewhat 'cold' spawns and then they cap A and we cap C and then the process is still the same, but some minor disruption has been caused.


      So what is the logic behind this?


      I'm not new to dom but I've always wondered about this.

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          first off it's technically spawn trapping , why players end up moving into C flag because the game tends to maybe get boring , their's winning, then their's winning holding the 2 same flags throughout the match,

          I do like the half time switch domination game play, but if it stays one round through out the match , I definitely think re-spawning should then be located over the entire map to avoid the rough idea of where they'll travel out


          Example : Stone Haven - Holding A & C , B spawn have 4 outs, and can easily be maintained with a decent team (you know this)


          Domination is a great mode to play I love it , but holding 2 same flags throughout the match just sux for the losing side, I often thought on the big maps what if there were 4 flags to cap and how the spawn system would work

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            The best answer is team up. Randoms are stupid.

            If you have a full team and decide to trip cap, OK.

            If you are on a team of randoms, two and hold is ALWAYS best. Knowing where the enemy is coming from is a huge advantage.

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              Another reason is, as usual, stats.


              Some people care more about getting as many Captures as possible rather than actually winning the overall Domination match, thinking that if they have more Captures under their belt, it will make them look more beastly or something. Even if they lose the one match, if they have several Captures from that one match, then it's somehow worth it to them.

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                I would agree that triple capping changes the dynamics of the game, but considering that one of the challenges to complete is triple capping, I can see this continuing for a while. Just try to be prepared for what happens in the event of this and control the situation the best you can.

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                  Most people dont know how Dom works and how to play effectively. If you can manipulate the spawns, any Dom game can be won.