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    Armory Upgrades You Would Like?

      I know the teeth feature hasn't been out for long (1 week), but I'm sure plenty of you have your own suggestions.


      I can't really think of anything though but wanna see what other people have in mind.

      One thing they could possibly do though, in a discussion I made, I said about them speeding up the IMS because they are currently too slow. Maybe they could make us buy that. If it now takes 6 seconds for the IMS to shoot + hit the floor, they should let us buy the upgrade in which it would shave off 2 seconds, taking it from 6 seconds, to 4 seconds.


      It could be a decent amount of teeth, such as 20, 30 or 40. I wouldn't mind, because it could make a huge difference.


      Ok I thought of something else, so I will start a list now and keep adding to it.


      1. Speed up IMS.
      2. Less health/armor taken from you when you walk through a fire trap.
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