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    Launch Control 3.0!

      A new Launch Control Badge is here! See the details on how to earn: http://bit.ly/Launch-Control-3


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      Launch Control has returned and it’s better than ever! Starting today, April 11, through the end of Activision Rewards Season 1, earn the Launch Control 3.0 Badge for your help in the Support Forums.




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      Launch Control 3.0 FAQ

      How do I get the Launch Control 3.0 Badge?

      Earn the Launch Control 3.0 Badge by completing the following Requirements:


      1. Rate 5 Support Threads
      2. Answer 2 CoD Ghosts DLC Questions for PlayStation and PC
      3. Like 5 Comments in Support Threads

      What do I get once I complete those Requirements?You’ll receive:

      1. Launch Control 3.0 Badge (this Season only!)
      2. 1000 Rewards Points


      For example, once you Rate 5 Threads, Answer 2 Questions regarding CoD Ghosts DLC for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox, and Like 5 Comments, you’ll receive the Launch Control 3.0 Badge and 1000 Rewards Bonus Points.

      How long will the Launch Control 3.0 Badge be available?

      Launch Control 3.0 is only available for Season 1 of the Rewards Program. Learn more about the Rewards Program here.


      Where will this Badge be displayed?

      Once earned, you can view your Launch Control 3.0 Badge in your Profile under “Bio” alongside your other earned Badges.

      Have more questions? Hit us up - Activision Support (ATVIAssist) on Twitter