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    DLC question

      So I was playing yesterday and when I signed in I went to the store.  I downloaded something for 14.99... obviously not the season pass, but I remember in the description it said something about the ripper.  I browesed through it quick, but I assumed I would be able to get the gun and possibly a new level or two.  I got neither.  I actually have no idea what I got.  I was unable to access the ripper, and after playing a few games I didn't have an opportunity to play any new levels.  I am away from home so I can't check and see exactly what I downloaded... Anyone have any thoughts??

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          since I can tell so many of you are so concerned, I will share that it was the devastation content that I downloaded.  The gun just didn't become immediately available.  Played another couple matches when i went home for lunch but still havent experienced any of the new maps.  Your days can all now go on.

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            How did you not get the Ripper right away? I have the season pass, so I have had it for a few weeks now. It's a POS when it is my hands but I get killed by it like its the MTAR.

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                The ripper was only made available early with the map packs season pass. If you paid 14.99 and dont have the gun then you purchased the wrong pack. You probably purchased the first pack. The ripper ONLY comes with the Devastation map pack. So if you cant find the gun and you paid the money that is probably the issue. Best of luck.