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    I'm looking for players to play Ghosts with on 360

      Hey Guys,


      I'm looking for people to add to my friends list to play Call of Duty Ghosts with as I've recently removed all the deadwood off my friends list (people I haven't seen online or spoken to or played Ghosts with) and I've been left with a few of my closer friends who have all go on to get xbox ones, which I plan to get of course but finances not letting me at the moment.


      I'm a 26 year old bloke from the UK looking for people based on their personality rather than their game skill, anyone other the age of 18 preferable that has a sense of humour and doesn't spend all night moaning about connection or spawns. I just find playing the game with others more enjoyable than playing solo.


      Add me on xbox via my GT: Don Belfit 87