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    Under barrel shotgun on the ARX-160

      This is an idea for players who like the ARX-160 assault rifle.


      ARX-160 assault has a tighter than average hip fire spread thanks to the integrated lazar sight, this can then be stacked with the perk steady aim. The under barrel shotgun will also benefit from the double reduced hip fire spread making it more accurate than any other shotgun in the game. Using this will make you more effective in surprise close quarter attacks when attacking at range .Also the fully loaded perk will also increase your shotgun ammo supply to give you more shots and to prolong your kill streak.


      What do you think?

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          Re: Under barrel shotgun on the ARX-160

          I think I should correct you that your assumption is wrong. I run the underslung shotgun quite a bit and I have done testing on this issue.  The spread on the underslung shotgun is affected by steady aim.  However, the built in laster sight on the ARX doesn't affect it at all.  The shotgun's spread is identical reguardless of the hipfire spread of it's parent weapon.  Try this yourself. Make the following class.


          Primary Weapon: ARX

          Attachment: shotgun

          Secondary weapon: Ameli

          Attachment: Shotgun

          Perks: Overkill and fully loaded.


          Load up in an offline or private game with the class and shoot the wall with the underslung shotguns.  You will find that the spread on both weapons is identical despite the ARX's built in laser sight and the wider default hipfire on the LMG.


          The underslung shotgun is still a reliable secondary weapon reguardless of what you bolt it to.  Also, you can tighten your spread slightly by ADS with it.  It is also affected by the perks, sleight of hand, steady aim, quickdraw.  Scanvger and fully loaded will both supply additional ammo for it. It's a nice attachment if you don't like pistols for close range and it suits the ARX;s ideal combat range. It just doesn;t have a tighter spread from the built in laser sight.

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