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    Clan Help

      So the leaders of our clan stopped playing and never left the clan to an active member. Does anyone know if and how we can leadership switched to and active player?

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          Same answer as  I gave you on the other thread, the only way would be for the clan owner to give up leadership and assign someone else as commander. Your options ask for the clan owner to do that. Join another clan or create your own clan.

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            At the end of the day the class belongs to the person who made it. Seems wrong that you'd even be asking this. If you want a clan the you go make one like everyone else did, don't try to take something from another person! Where I come from we call that stealing and with a silver spoon at that!

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              Why don't you just leave the clan?

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                I would suggest to you that you use the clan chat feature.  Try to get a consensus from the membership on who should be the new leader.  Once that's decided, you all leave the clan and form your own, as others have suggested.  Who knows... you might just get a promotion. Of course, you can always join a new clan.