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    PHOENIX RISING GAMING recruiting [Xbox One] "Rage with Us"

      Phoenix Rising Gaming are looking for both casual and competitive players for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One. First off, we will be needing players to help fill our competitive MLG GameBattles roster. We will be looking for players who excel at objective based game modes such as S&R, Domination and Blitz. Or if you are just looking to join a level 25 established Diamond Division team for Clan Wars or just some casual gaming so you won't have to play with randoms then look no further and come join us.


      A little about us: Phoenix Rising Gaming was created to unite casual and competitive gamers all into one place. The founders of Phoenix Rising rose from the ashes of a disbanded team to create and form a community that will stay and game together with no worries or fears of it being all gone the next morning you wake up.


      We have a tight knit group of loyal members that will generally always be on. Members that are always up for a friendly game, but we get very competitive when its time, especially for clan vs clan scrimmages, competing in gamebattles or tournaments on many different sites.


      We will also be supporting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One and possibly PS4 if we get enough support for the console. We only ask that you are at least 15 years of age and preferably have a mic. Also there is no need to change your gamertag and no fear from being kicked from the clan simply for being inactive for a few days.


      Don't be tied down to a clan with a ton of rules and regulations.


      What you can expect from our community:


      * A good group of guys, and a few girls, that will always be up for gaming.

      * We hold many events and practices every week to try and accommodate as many members as possible.

      * Weekly member recognition awards.

      * Every member has a voice and say in our community.

      * We run monthly tournaments for our members to win prizes.

      * Community events outside gaming such sports fantasy leagues.

      * Interactive and constantly updated website.

      * Free to join, free to stay, and game on your time.

      * A ton of smileys to play with in chat.

      * Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with a coming soon community upload channel for our members.

      * Did I mention a constantly updated interactive and fun website.............with an arcade section!!!!!!


      Just come check out our website to see for yourself all the main reasons to join at www.phoenixrisinggaming.com


      You can apply directly on our website under the recruitment tab.


      You can only expect a fun and competitive atmosphere combined into one here!!!


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