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    BlessTheCursed is actively recruiting 3 PS4 players.

      We're currently looking for 3 PS4 players to fill our roster. If you're looking for a clan, this is the place for you!




      K/D 1.00 or higher

      Age 17 or older

      Must have a mic for communication purposes

      Have an active e-mail address


      Go to: www.blessthecursed.com


      In the top right corner click register or log in and create an account

      Go back to the home page, scroll to the very bottom

      Fill out the application at the bottom of the home page

      Submit it and we will get back with you


      We're a good quality clan who loves to have fun and are built on tight knit relationships that resemble a family. We love to have fun and laugh and we love winning. All of us are mature adults, just regular every day people. We do require you to be active, and by active, I mean play more than an hour a day, more than 2-3 days a week.


      If accepted you will be put on a trial period with us. You will play with us, chat with us, get to know us as we will get to know you, and you will play with us through 1 clan war. You will join the clan, and be an active member through the first war. After your trial run through the first clan war, the officers of the clan along with myself will talk about your performance and what we think, and it will be decided then if we make you an official member or not. Please take your time reading this and understanding all of this information as we do not put up with nonsense.


      Have a good day and thanks for reading!