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        10. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

        It should be better on all aspects of the game. Better graphics, faster loading times AND... here it comes.... get ready for it... Dedicaded Servers! Yes that's right, the Xbox One is the only console that has them (not even the PS4).

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          11. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

          im referring to the controller sensitivity, very easy to adjust in options. I kept the 360 , for numerous reasons including all the games I already have. The other thing is the population on the one is near an many as the 360 , I have not had any issues getting games, but others have made mention of it.  Another side benefit of keeping the 360 for me is when I travel I can bring it with which is something I would not do with the xone.

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            12. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

            That's not correct had loads of people Dashboarding on Xbox one like yesterday on a 20 killstreak on FFA going ham in my Jugg suit and some lil butthurt a$$hole dashed Lol oh well maybe next year we'll get dedis .......

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              13. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

              Sorry, forgot to mention they don't run DS all the time. But do some research, the One sure has them. Hope next game has Dedicaded Servers 100% of the time on all platforms...

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                14. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                The dedicated servers are turned off on every platform. It was a marketing tool up to the first map pack to get people into buying the game.

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                  15. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                  There's goods and bads about both consoles, and one will fit your needs. I'm a gamer, I have a smart tv which has many apps both consoles already offer, so I rarely use any console for anything other than gaming. So, that being as it is, I have no use for a console that's more of a multi-media platform than a gaming console, I had to go with the console that's designed specifically for gaming and that has the better hardware... I also went for cost, which ironically was the same. That was the PS4. I still play my 360 a lot, however most of my CoD friends are switching to PS4's in the next few months, a few have already. I literally have 3 friends with Xbones, and more than half the time they're playing the 360 instead because.. well.. no one they know has that damn console lol that's the biggest problem with it... I like the One, but it's overpriced, its focus isn't gaming.. it's more of an afterthought... and its sales are poor enough (and have only recently boosted with the Titanfall bundle) that if you get one and have a number of friends that do too, you're either a rich kid (no offense implied) among other rich kids, or you're in a demographical region where there were a lot of sales.

                  There weren't around here. I look beyond "that's so cool!" and ask "hey, any of you guys getting this?" before I jump into a new console lol

                  Someday I'll get a One, but considering all above, it needs to drop dramatically in price.. and if sales continue as they are, it will plummet by Fall.

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                    16. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                    In my opinion, the xbox 360 controller is superior to the xbox one controller.

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                      17. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                      FaclonPower98 wrote:


                      And that's all it'll ever be. XB1 does much more, has much more exclusives too, all ps4 gets is a bucketload of small indie games that no ones really bothered about.


                      PS4 also has a system breaking bug the blue light of death, so don't get PS4 you might get this problem, xbox one doesn't.

                      I've also seen numerous complaints about psn errors and lag in games like ghosts. In all my time of playing xbox one the lag occurance is very rare and only happens once in a while.


                      It's best to get an Xbox One, much better deal here in the UK 2 retailers slashed the price to £349 and comes with Xbox One, Kinect, Headset (lol they kept saying ps4 comes with a headset and in the end it comes with headphones, cheap sony lol), Titanfall (which your practically getting for free) and xbox live.


                      Also the PS4 controller's thumbsticks get worn out after a while or can even peel off. The buttons can also stick down and the blue light on the controller sucks the life out of the controller. Another smart move by Cheap cheap sony. Also why get a PS4 at this point in it's life cycles with very few ps4 games? KIllzone and Knack and Infamous that's it. And now a last of us re-release, sony should be focusing on new games not a ps3 game. Sony are so money greedy they are re releasing because they know how much of a success the ps3 version so they can get more money.

                      biased much?


                      the xb1 has a heap of issues you never once mentioned.


                      Its also a bit unfair to mention games atm, NEITHER console really shines with games but come this year when the real next gen titles start appearing this will change and it will def be in the ps4 favour, Destiny for example is a ps4 lead title, theres a good chance the rumor about cod being ps4 lead is true.. and as new games come out the differences in what each console is capable of will become more apparent in the ps4 favor

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                        18. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                        I have the xbox one upgraded from my 360 and I love it


                        in my experience call of duty has always been a better experience on the xbox platform. I had a ps3 and remember the headaches with blacktops 1 and mw3 on that platform that were much, much better when I switched to the 360.


                        the xbox one is definitely a step up in graphics, user interface, lag etc.  there were a couple weeks in early march where the lag was really bad but the patch has sig improved that.

                        the xbox one controller is not much different from the 360 which is a good thing. I would recommend getting the plug and charge though as battery life is not that great.


                        overall its all about personal preference.

                        I can turn my cable box, tv and xbox one on with a simple voice command " xbox on". and then start my game, amazon, or just watch tv with another command without even touching my controller. that is next gen for me.


                        I still have my 360 just because I haven't fooud time to trade it in yet as I don't play it anymore. trade in yours buy left for dead 3 and enjoy your system

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                          19. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                          how quiet is the xbox one in comparison to the xbox 360, its nice to get an insight to people who have both consoles but how do  you justify getting both. For that price you could build a pc that would trump the specs these consoles have and it would last 8 years if not more, and you have the freedom that windows 7 has, that neither consoles have.

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