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        False. There are dedis for all consoles.

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          Simple. I don't like gaming on a PC, and I don't like the PC elitist attitude. I like sitting or laying on my couch to play on my huge TV. I do not like sitting at a desk like I'm at work.

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            the xbox one is dead silent. I prefer console gaming. you could also pay your rent with that money instead of buying a pc or a console, its up to what you can afford man.

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              A lot of this will be opinion based but there are some glitches on the ONE console itself that piss me off, including the one that once in a while the gae will lock up , etc and I am forced to actually pull the plug instead of a restart.


              One time a CD didnt get read that it was in the drive at all , etc.


              As for the lag problems you have to remember that lag issues are largely based on the host you get, etc.


              But as for COD one the one it feels a lot better, and BF4 on the ONE is INCREDIBLE in graphics compared to the 360.


              Then you have to consider there is still a chance for an emulator to come out for the ONE to play 360 games. The news is slow in coming but I am hoping all my 360 games I kept on the shelf will work.


              In my opinion just having the ONE is a great expense. Try to get the Titanfall bundle because not only is it technically 100 dollars cheaper (of course you have to buy the game for 50 bucks more) but some places you also get a free year of Xbox Live. Cant tell you where exactly though.



              Console alone 499

              TF bundle 450 with free TF game plus free monthe of live (normally 610)


              Even if you dont like TF the bundle is the cheapest to get.

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                youcantgetme62 wrote:


                I Didn't know the Xbox 1 came with headsets. Off topic, I do however like how the Xbox1 can act as a cablebox. That's $15 or more in my pocket a month I don't have to dish out to time Warner cable for a box.

                WRONG. The XBOX One CONTROLS the cable box which you have. There is NO coax cable input for the signal from a cable provider. There is a HDMI passthrough which connects your cable box to the XBOX One and then onto your TV. You STILL HAVE TO HAVE THE CABLE BOX in order to use the XBOX One as a way to control your TV.

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                  youcantgetme62 wrote:


                  i recently scanned Xbox one forums to see if I would detect numerous of complaints pertaining to Lag, host, or network issues. My findings is zero results as I didn't go into depth through search. i will be getting the Xbox one this week. Do you any of you know if the same problems persist as some gamers experience Ghost on the 360. my experience with ghost is terrible as for lag/network issues. I can't seem to fix the issues I suffer as I tried everything. Before I dish out money to Ghost for the Xbox one, I wanted to know if it plays better, has less network issues or experiencing technical difficulties elsewhere.  The only issue I have with cod ghost for the 360 is the network issues I'm experiencing. For example, when I forwarded my ports and set the Xbox and priority on my Linksys router; I suffer worse network issues. •_•. once again, I will reiterate the reason for my post as a question, is attaining cod ghost for Xbox One worth the purchasing from what you heard or experience if you had?  Do you think it will play better as I could not find a forum labeling the issues some of us 360 players experience. Sorry if you cannot understand as the iPhone acts crazy for some reason to this site.

                  The lag is just as bad, if not WORSE on the XBOX One. The lack of players (around 15,000-20,000) at any given time make host selection even worse. And the myth that the XBOX One runs on dedicated servers only is false as I have been in NUMEROUS games where there have been host migrations on the One.


                  You have to understand that the lower the playerbase, the less likely of getting a good host is.

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                    gotsomestars wrote:


                    There is a reason xb1 is getting destroyed in sales.

                    Yes, there is.


                    The PS4 has been released in 29 more countries than the XBOX One including Japan which accounts (as of February 2014 the PS4 sold 320,000 units JUST in Japan)


                    Now if you compare Just the U.S. numbers for the SAME time the PS4 sold 56,520 and the XBOX One sold 40,860. Now tell me if I'm wrong, but less than 16,000 units is NOT "destroying" the competition.


                    Actual sales show that there were 449,000 units of the PS4 sold globally with the XBOX One selling 57,000. Now you factor in those 320,000 units JUST IN JAPAN where the XBOX One isn't sold and you have a race which is pretty much neck and neck. Also realize that parents when buying a console see the $100 price difference, and will naturally gravitate towards the PS4.


                    Right now is still VERY early in the "console war" and time will tell who wins or loses. The gamers are going to win no matter what as stiff competition makes companies strive to make a better experience for the consumer. I have the One, and soon will have the PS4. I am a gamer, and I like what both consoles have to offer in some way.

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                      Seeing as xbox one sales topped over 258,000 units in March alone I think you should do a bit more research on your numbers. Call me a liar if you please or you can go and read microsofts own sales report for march

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                        SLAYER2291 wrote:


                        Seeing as xbox one sales topped over 258,000 units in March alone I think you should do a bit more research on your numbers. Call me a liar if you please or you can go and read microsofts own sales report for march

                        Did you not read where my post stated AS OF FEBRUARY 2014. I haven't gotten the full report for ALL the consoles from last month yet.

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                          I don't take Microsoft's own statistics very seriously since they have a strong history of "padding" their numbers severely based on projections rather than actual sales. That's like hearing "we sell the best milk in the world!" from the people that produce that brand milk and taking their claim as 100% legit. Not sure how their claim makes it so, but if you're silly enough to drink the punch, by all means... the mass graves Sony dug for Microsoft months back are really starting to fill up.


                          The console war ends when the yearly gross is established, and since both Sony and MS released prior to the end of Tax season, we've reached that yearly gross. That doesn't mean Microsoft can't make a comeback like Sony did last time, but the war was over when a month into release we realized Sony is selling global, Microsoft is only doing domestic and limited international.. um, how were you supposed to do well when you automatically limit yourself to domestic? They'll do better by Holiday 2014, but like it took Sony with the PS3, it'll take the Xbone probably a couple good years to pick up the slack.


                          They basically set up for the 100 meter dash, and instead of checking if their laces were tight enough... they hacked off their left foot, announced victory and total domination, and then tripped three feet out of the gate... lol it was quite amusing

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