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        60. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

        Actually the tracker sight is the adjusted target finder, the thermal scope has been around for a long time and is basically the same.

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          61. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

          This response is entirely too logical.

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            62. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

            Sorry I enjoy playing split-screen and if its online with multiple people oh well if you like to throw a fit on it. It's how me and my friends play cause he dont have a ps3 yet

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              63. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

              While I agree with some of the weak spawn points and some connection issues, I feel people use this as a crutch. For example, there were camping tools in all COD'S. When I first started out, my first time through i would run run run to find the enemies and would die die die.  I decided to slow down and move around the outsides of the map.  When i did that, instant success.  There was never all this random hatred, you would hear "awww man, you were waiting there and i didnt see you..good spot man....i play like you do, wanna join up??" Now, someone start this "camper" thing, and everyone wants to blame playstyle, or saying its "cheap tactics".


              Its actually funny to me.  I sacrifice my secondary, grenades, tacticals...all of this just to stay hidden.  I dont use a thermal tracker.  The reason i went to the m27 is that I survive a long time in games, so i need to make sure to have the ammo...i was getting killed by dogs alot when i had the remington, so i adapted and got a gun with a ton of ammo.....


              So i should be an easy target.  No IED..no secondary, no grenade, nothing tactical.  Just my perks and one gun.


              People feel some sort of entitlement.  If someone else doesnt play your way..its cheap or the downfall of cod.  Good players just learn to adapt and move on....just my 2 cents.

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                64. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                You're clearly hacking since the IED didn't kill you, and I have been told by all the skilled rushers IEDs kill them 100% of the time, and I am just crappy in placing them since I only get kills 20% of the time.


                But seriously as you video proves if you know the sight lines on Stonehaven you can really move around a lot. Well played.

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                  65. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                  When you mean skilled rushers, do you mean marathon, agility m-tar guys that run aimlessly thinking they're MLG? IEDs are more like a motion sensor that gives off damage now, usually if I get killed by one, its because of my lack of awareness combined with good placement. Thanks for the props, I try to move around when I can, makes things more interesting and very fun when you can outsmart the campers at the same time.

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                    66. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                    DocChoi wrote:


                    onlineace wrote:


                    I can post plenty of games where I go god like.  Point is you have a poor connection.  You have mentioned your connection before ....  My K/D average is barely 1 because I am consistantly matched up poorly.  I get to play one in 10 games where actually win a gun battle!!

                    Please do!


                    If I have a poor connection, then surely others on the forums who are solid players must have terrible internet as well. Hey Shinysidez and the other high k/d players, onlineace thinks you are only good because of your connection!!!!

                    My connection is 5 up 20 down and I have a 5ms ping to my ISP gateway router. 5ms may not be the best but it's not bad either. My K/D is 2.49 and I average 17+ kills a game in the only game type I play TDM so this bad connection nonsense is just nonsense. In fact my K/D was actually slightly higher until recently when they put the DLC into the standard rotation splitting the player pool, screwing up the matchmaking and making the connection to the host worse. If anything that proves the worse the connection the worse player experience.

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                      67. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                      It was sarcasm. In previous "debates" where some here were claiming there is no way to avoid IED, quite a few made the claim IEDs killed every time and thus the IEDs needed to be nerfed. Since you survived the explosion I couldn't resist mocking their claims one more time. 

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                        68. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                        Bandwidth requirements for this game is nothing close to 3 Mbps. In fact I will bet they are very close to MW3 which was something like 0.0548 megabits per second as a client based on test I ran with my router.


                        Re: Will they ever fix the lag?

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                          69. Re: The community will be what kills Call of Duty

                          I figured you were being sarcastic, hence my reference to those m-tar idiots.. Actually survived TWO explosions, that's gotta be like super hax! That onlineace guy will still say you're only good because of your inferior connection, or in other words a high k/d poor connection guy. So if I moved up to the North Pole and connect to the servers via ham radio, by his logic my k/d would be close to infinity!


                          Btw, thank you for posting your router tests as now we have factual information to base our debates (I would think if the game required 3Mb a second, ALL of us would kill our monthly bandwidth. Lastly, I always thought it made no sense to say that you have an amazing hard wired connection but end up lagging every game... Good posts btw!

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