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        50. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

        yesturday playing POC solo a very strange thing happened to me:

        i was playing as medic and had it maxed out (+4)  a few hunters hurted me and i use the medic upgrade ability exactly in the same time i got downed

        i saw the green circle arround me but not the count down for the respawn.

        after the escape  i had this on the screen:

        xxxxxx points    549 kills    10 revives    0 repairs   1 down


        i suppose medic ability is during 10 seconds when  upgraded at +4 and the game gave me 1 revive for each second ???



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          51. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

          Haha I've had the medic upgrade 'revive' thing you are talking about, but never had it give me ten! Whaaaat?

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            52. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

            i 've been very surprised when i saw it , but it is the only explanation i found for these 10 revives .

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              53. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

              The below has happened to me twice today, on the SAME generator.


              For the underground/middle section, where you get the Ancestor + Mammoth, the generator near the VKS, we got the "kill 10 in 30 seconds". The first time only 9 spawned. The second time, only 7 spawned!! But hey, guess what, as soon as the challenged failed, meteor spawned and plenty more aliens spawned.

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                54. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                Got a few more to report.




                * Bonus Pool is capped at 1 tooth. Not really a "pool" anymore if we're being capped out.


                * Teeth Loss randomly when exiting a game and directly disconnecting from CoD. You'll notice this the next time you sign on, and the loss could be as significant as 3 games worth of teeth.


                * Activating the medic ability prior to going down (1s - 1.5s) will instantly revive yourself, and will count as a down / revive.


                * Leper challenge should either be re-worded or strike package kills should also count and not instantly fail the challenge. Also, what happens when you hypno-knife one of these guys?


                * Enemies falling through the map and dying instantly. Sometimes it's a hypno'd alien.




                * Me and a friend saw only what we can word as a "Flying Swimming Hunter", where it was floating on the stairs by the Barn, but doing the running animation in place. Missed the chance to get a video clip, but that was hilarious.




                * The door to the final Breeder room can still open early, which could potentially lead to a game that cannot end.




                * Probably well known, but there is a wall-breach in the first area allowing you to get into the upper door sealed room before the door is actually opened.


                * Hunters & Seeders "walking" on the air above a wall, but are animated like they are attached to the wall below them. Kind of a silly looking bug more than anything.


                * Hypno Trap detection logic is off. I had a Rhino step on the trap and it somehow hypno'd a hunter behind the Rhino, I wasn't too happy about that when Mr. Rhino then proceeded to pound me into the floor.

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                  55. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                  A Lesser known Glitch on POC

                  Ability to hold a certain button combo while throwing the Hypno Knife

                  allows you to use the Hypno Knife twice.

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                    56. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                    phantom139 wrote:


                    * Me and a friend saw only what we can word as a "Flying Swimming Hunter", where it was floating on the stairs by the Barn, but doing the running animation in place. Missed the chance to get a video clip, but that was hilarious.



                    I've seen this a lot across all the maps, it's hunters and phantoms. They just sort of run on the spot for a while.. it makes them easy pickings but clearly is a bug.


                    I've noticed the hypno traps a very buggy, why if you use one at the end fight in exodus do it often say "hypno trap limit reached, deactivating trap" or something to that effect when it is the first hypno trap used in the game and the only trap being used?


                    Also yesterday I had a funny/weird/annoying moment, I thought I was recording it but didn't notice my SD card wasn't in the capture device. It was the end of a solo run on Exodus, I went to repair the generator that controls the bases traps, the bar started going up across the screen but then got slower and slower and then stopped at roughly 75% complete. This then stayed on my screen and I couldn't repair it any further. I eventually got it off my screen by searching a red box but these had no search bar when searching them, it would just flash up right at the end of the search.

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                      57. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                      YYou can use One Hypno knife twice On point of contact and on Awakening. It doesn't work on Nighfall And I haven't tried it on exodus as of yet. I won't disclose the glitch here in the forumn. But u can use one knife two times. This has been a glitch for almost 7 months now from what I know

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                        58. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                        I finally had a go at the hardcore with relic achievement solo on Exodus last night and had this happen, I didn't even notice until a friend asked how I'd managed 10 revives on solo! -- I wonder though, would this have effected my score or XP in any way and would it be a positive or negative result?

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                          59. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                          Not sure what was happening since I wasn't paying attention much, but the drill glitched inside of someone. I know this is a known glitch and usually you just go down to get thr drill back, but the drill just completely disappeared after he went down. Is there a fix for this?

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