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    Knifing further nerf'd; We weren't told.


      Yesterday, I decided to go back on my knifing class and do the Devastation maps, since those are small maps and perfect for knifing.


      It was a mistake.


      As it turns out, or as I discovered for myself, I can no longer knife someone immediately after running into them, except in very rare circumstances (e.g. they are climbing stairs or a ladder, they are jumpshooting in my direction and I make it to them before I die). I wish this game had a Theater mode so I could put up a link to some of the more ridiculous moments on Killcam, including one in a Final K-cam where you can see me very clearly knife the guy who is just standing there (you see me swipe my arm through him) and nothing happens. He then panic shoots me with his AR at PB range, since you can tell he just starts firing without even pointing the gun at me.


      The reason this last one was such a big deal for me is that I wasn't the only one to see it and go, "what the hell was that?" Three other people in the match, including the guy who killed me, saw the killcam and began commenting on how f*cked up that had been. Of course, the guy who killed me was laughing at it while the other two, who were in my team, were so pissed at the glitch (or whatever it is) that they left. The other reason it was a big deal was that this guy had been standing still, ADS, and I didn't even rush to kill him; I had time to walk. You can clearly see him turn around, once it is too late, as I am "knifing" him, and the knife not do anything. It wasn't as though we ran into each other or I ran at him and knifed too early for a connection lag to register. No. This was something I've never seen in a CoD game.... an actual knife NOT being what it has always been:


      The Super Effective Claw of the Almighty Knifing God, Magnus Meleedorus

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          The guard dog was nerfed too. I am sure of it because it doesn't react like it used to. It plays sit when I'm getting shot at.

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              Yes! I have actually thrown a knife at a dog who is just sitting there after his owner gets killed by me and killed it. I could NEVER have done that in the past. They would fly throw the air 15 feet and I'd be dead.


              In fact, I removed Riley from my Assault Streaks because I noticed I wasn't getting as many kills anymore, and in some situations where I would sometimes wait for someone to come into a room and be killed by my dog, they have come right in and shot me to death before Riley even reacts. Then it's all "Martyr-Dog" but I don't want that sh*t.

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                As the saying goes, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."


                Knifing has been very over powered, with the insta-kill teleport knife into body, 180° knifing, etc.  It's more appropriate now.

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                    Noctis Everto

                    This is Bull-


                    As a stealthy player the only way I can be completely silent is to knife.


                    I understand that comment about knife to a gunfight, but its more like a butterknife now.

                    You shouldnt be able to whine to a developer and get them to change something in a game when its REALLY not a problem.


                    I want the community on CoD to go try to understand evolution. It will make them feel like fools. FFS theme song: Survival


                    Most kids whine, cry, and moan, therefore instead of adapting (to the game) they die off (stop playing CoD) This eventual dying off will lead to players who CAN adapt (tactics, NOT running every second) being left to further evolve their game.


                    You should think "huh I got knifed while running around a corner blindly....therefore I shouldnt run blindly around corners"


                    There is no skill in this game. Not when anything and everything is subject to a fix. Its like everyone who complains is a CoD Hypochondriac. Always thinking the problems are with the physical, the game itself. when in truth, its the conciousness thats the true ailment.




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                      I agree with you on the knifing being way overpowered in past games, but I think the addition of the "knifing-animation" really took care of that for the most part. When the game first started, all my knifing kills were like this. But update after update, I am starting to get more and more of the kills in which no animation plays and I just swing and kill. For my personal experience, this shows that something has been done which has both allowed people to knife more easily but also created glitches where even when you have a clear shot and you knife through the person, they don't die.

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                          The knife animation made it worst now because it's assisted. I've been in a situation multiple times were I shoot someone in an unrealistic knifing distance and he instantly puts me in the animation and stabs me, many people made videos about this and complained many times.


                          There is also a 180 degree knife kill I've seen before that pissed me off were a player runs pass an enemy and is then put into the animation and the enemy would turn completely around and stab the player.


                          The knifing animation needs to be taken out or the sequence distance removed.

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                        lmfao. If it was nerfed, I wouldnt be getting commando lunged still.

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                            Relax now. I didn't say knifing was removed. I only said that it is trickier to knife people now and that there seems to be a glitch where you can actually MISS even if you are clearly knifing through the player. It has happened to me more than once, and I am someone who has been dedicated to getting any Knife-related Operations/Challenges since knifing became a "thing" in MW2. I have always kept a knifing class since this game's launch, and have noticed the changes the same way someone who is a quickscoper - myself included - noticed the changes in the sniper rifle class since launch.

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                              i got commando lunged just last night in a S&R game, i was chasing a guy that knew i was behind him and he turns and lunges literally 10 feet to kill me with his knife. The 10 feet is literally no joke, i had plenty of disbelievers in the lobby with me lol.

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                              The knife was monstrously OP for what it is. Nothing more annoying then shooting someone and having them knife you through a hail of machine gun bullets. It should be a last resort weapon and for sneaky back stabbing and that's all.

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                                  Lucent76 wrote:


                                  The knife was monstrously OP for what it is. Nothing more annoying then shooting someone and having them knife you through a hail of machine gun bullets.

                                  Yeah... I agree that knifing has always been overpowered, but your comment sounds like something someone who uses the M27 would say. Hey! Wait a minute... isn't THAT the other weapon everyone wants "nerf'd?" Looks like you'll be outta luck soon, pal.


                                  Haha! kidding kidding. I don't want to deal with brave internet attacks on this forum anymore. I've had enough of them to know that people here take these things too seriously. At the end of the day, Call of Duty Sledgehammer will be released, followed by the next Treyarch, and the posts on this forum will be nothing but... nothing but... (oh dear what a predicament)... nothing but Ghosts. There! I said it!


                                  Much respect, Lucent. Happy 38th birthday... (whenever that is). I hope they remove knifing altogether so you can merrily do the Machine Gun Bullet Hail Dance without being interrupted by the likes of me knifing you. Then you'll just have to worry about me throwing a knife at you, something they also nerfed a bit in this game by making them come out slower (than in MW3), but I've adapted!

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                                  The knife is a weapon available for anyone so I try to use, if I am running around a corner and I see someone coming and I know I won't be able to shoot fast enough I will knife.

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                                    thaesino wrote:

                                    He then panic shoots me with his AR at PB range, since you can tell he just starts firing without even pointing the gun at me.


                                    Love this quote!
                                    How exactly do you "Panic shoot"? lol
                                    I've heard of the "panic knife" but never experienced the "panic shoot".huh?! Curious!

                                    In all seriousness though..I've noticed if the player is running quickdraw and ready up…it happens alot. It's either the lag or the animation is just slow to catch up…not a glitch though.

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                                        Dude........... you even quoted my brief explanation of what I meant by "panic shooting."


                                        Panic shooting; otherwise known as "shooting all over the damn room hoping you get some hitmarkers."


                                        Maybe that will explain it better. Though I really thought it was pretty clear when I said "starts firing without even pointing the gun at me." By this, I meant that in the killcam, his gun was going off before he even knew where I was. Does that make sense? I am taking the freedom to call that the equivalent of panic knifing.


                                        There are other ways I have seen people "panic" from closeup and afar. These may be, but are not limited to:


                                        • panic jumping (jumping while reloading in hopes you do not get killed even though you know there's not way in hell)
                                        • panic running (just regular running away until your health returns)
                                        • panic quickscoping (people who normally hardscope and who are terrible at quickscoping ACTUALLY attempting to quickscope... it's very funny)
                                        • panic flying (the way a person looks when they are killed by an IED as they are attempting to jump away from it; first they panic, then they jump, then they fly)
                                        • panic knifing 1.5 (when two people are locked in a battle of the knives and neither seem to be able to knife each other)
                                        • panic knifing 2.0 (same as above but against a Maniac)
                                        • panic knifing 2.5 (same as above, but TWO Maniacs trying to knife each other to death)
                                        • panic knifing 3.0 (when a knifing assailant is up against you and you have a riot shield and he's going crazy cause you just bashed him once, and he's trying to knife you but he can't; same thing against a Squad Mate)
                                        • panic knifing Unclassified (when you ACTUALLY knife Riley as he jumps at you and you kill him; Note: I actually got my "Kill dog in the air" patch while doing this during release week. Have never been able to replicate it.)
                                        • panic Helo Scouting (when you know your chopper is going to land you right into enemy territory and there's no way you'll survive)
                                        • panic surfing (when people know someone is aiming at an area full of tags and shooting anyone who tries to get one, but they think they can slide and grab all the tags before being shot, even though we know that won't happen)
                                        • panic drowning (when you jump in Flood and miss your step and fall in the water and no matter how hard you try to get out on time, you drown)
                                        • panic hijacking (when the care package meter is almost at the end and your screen is red with blood and you JUST make it... all for an ammo crate... but THANK THE HEAVENS... you grab a weapon from the Ammo Crate and it ends up being the "Special Weapon")


                                        Glad I was able to introduce you to the world of SOME (not all) the panic involved in Call of Duty.

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                                        I've not noticed any difference, but I tend to be the victim rather than the assailant, since I play on tactical and tend to not knife often.  Honestly, I swear the guys who knife me must have some sort of turbo-charged, laser-guided heat-seeking lock-on knives in their kit because it always commando lunges right through my gunfire.  I can't say I would be sorry if it was nerfed, but I haven't seen anything from a victim's point of view to make me believe that it has been

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                                          I've noticed a weird glitch where I hit them with the knife and go into the animation and even get a hit marker but the other players body isn't there and then I walk around for a few seconds with no weapon or knife.  I think most of the knife issues in the past are lag related but something in the recent update screwed it up.

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                                              Let me tell you something, the smaller the map, the uglier the knifing issues get.


                                              I have also noticed that if you've got a couple of guys on either team using knives and throwing knives... there will be a tremendous amount of lag if the level is small. It's as though the game has a strange kill-registering mechanism, and because they thought not many people would exclusively melee attack in this game, they did not foresee it and plan for it.


                                              In other words... if you were to convince everyone on the lobby to have four or five guys on either team knifing and throwing knives, then the other guys with either shotguns or SMGs.... you just broke the game. I have witnessed this MANY times in the Devastation maps, Collision and Unearthed.


                                              It's a shame, cause I really like how pretty this game looks... so I want to run around and properly stab people... but oh well.

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                                              Well apparently they reverted this, if it ever happened since people can knife you without even looking at you lawl.

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                                                  I'll go ahead and agree with you on this one. Something's been up with the knifing recently where - in some cases - especially in games with a lot of lag, players have already knifed you and you don't even know it. In fact, you actually get to put up your weapon and "fire" like two rounds (without hitmarkers) but are already dead on THEIR side of the game.


                                                  I think one of the worse things they did for Ghosts was add that knifing animation. It was damn stupid. They thought it would slow down people from knifing or going around only knifing, but I've found that if you set your controller to Tactical, and you crouch right before knifing, no animation takes place and you can go meleeing the sh*t out of everyone without having to worry that someone will kill you while you are "stuck" in animation mode.

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                                                  Further nerfed? It was buffed massively from the previous game in the first place.


                                                  Knifing mechanics have been broken in this game and franchise because it is the only weapon class in the game that recieves no detriments from being shot. It was basically the useable weapon form of the Guard Dog.

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                                                    I believe one of the updates MIGHT have nerfed it, but as others have said it's been reverted. I'm definitely getting lunge. I still hate how the juggernaut's get no lunge. Not sure why people reply to a thread that isn't relevant anymore. Just saying.

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                                                      I havent even bothered with the combat knife at all. I tried it 1 time but after seeing what it really did, i decided it was easier to just use my pistol with the Tac Knife mod on it with marathon, lightweight and resistance. I dont like the fact that all you can really do with the combat knife is just run around with a knife in your hand and nothing else. It is pretty much as useless as the riot shield.