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    people complaining about activision being money-hungry

      Are y'all really wasting your time doing this? people just be finding stuff to complain and moan about. everyone whos going on about the micro dlc's, if you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT. it's not something you HAVE to pay for, it's just there as an OPTION if you want to add any more stuff to your gameplay experience. activision aint tryna suck money out of people's pockets, they just putting it out there as an optional feature that not everyone won't have to buy, but whoever wants to can.


      And people who saying that activision should be focusing on fixing gameplay with patches and stuff instead of putting out optional custom items, if you still think activision aint never gonna fix this, you have two options:

      1. just put the game behind you and move on with life

      2. be patient, do other stuff on the game for enjoyment such as extinction or even private matches, and maybe activision will make some changes.

      3. why you even still playing?


      Plus, y'all keep saying activision are money grubbers, yet look at the price on the micro items. $1.99 - $3.99. Thats it! If you say that they are hungry for money, yet the items are only THAT MUCH, then that means you're a broke boy who needs to step your game up and buy what you like and not buy what you don't like.


      I ain't never complain about stuff in COD, cause it just a game and I have a life in other things, school, work, etc. Why you complaining as if its part of yo life and you need to always be on activision's d**k?