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    Whats with the spawns on stone haven?

      As long as this game has been out, how come the spawns at stone haven has not been fixed.


      Get this: Inside the castle, all the way in the back towards the edge of the map you do not spawn, you spawn in front of it, with your back turned. if an enemy was to camp all the way in the back, they could trap you in the castle for the whole game cause the spawn doesn't change until the opposite team moves in.

      i don't see how this is fair cause the team trapped inside the castle can't retaliate back since we:

      1. can' t spawn back there

      2. can't turn around fast enough before getting shot

      3.Are stuck in the castle while the enemy team just stays in the village.


      This needs fixing *a lot about this game needs fixing* but that comes with time *and hopefully smart admins*


      Thank you

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          This problem exists for ALL the large maps. For example, on Whiteout if one team is by the ship, the opposing team is in the village and one player decides to rush the village, guess where people are going to spawn?


          I've played this game enough to know which maps I can take advantage of the spawn system and even if spawns are fixed, good players will find ways to overcome that as well. Wouldn't say its not fair that you guys got spawn trapped as anyone could have killed that player before you guys got trapped. Just my two cents.

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              i mean its possible to catch the player on stone haven but is hard you know, cause if hes up there with an LMG all he has to do is spray XC. not to metion he has field superiority, his vantage point views all six spawn locations inside the castle. 


              yea i know what you are talking about on white out, ive had that happen before too. Some maps are easier to avoid spawn trapping like siege. as big as it is i don't think ive seen spawn trapping there due to the large amount of routes you can take vs ston heavens castle which is the front gate, and two side holes. not to mention the back way takes you the same way as the right hole. XC


              its just something that's really annoying XC.

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              Well u see too many people were complaining about players getting spawned behind them (bad spawns) on the map so they created the new spawns so that they wont change unless someone intrudes in the area.

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                A monkey could spawn trap on Stonehaven.


                It is silly, really.


                Makes me wonder why they didn't spawn one team at the waterfront and one team on far side of the village. Instead, if you get spawned in, and stay too long in, the castle, you can kiss any chance you had of winning goodbye.

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                  One reason I wont play that map, wish I could delete it from system so it can't be used.

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                    no, they need to fix the small maps like prison break and warhawk and freight. i keep getting killed instantly off spawn. it's far more annoying than stonehaven. there's usually a guy there 1/10 games and i look there anyways. it's not hard to kill a guy up there.