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    (PS4) Gates of Carnage Recruiting

      Gates of Carnage are always recruiting players.  We try to get some in our clan that are a little older, but age isn't an issue.  We try to find people we enjoy playing the game with, so when clan wars isn't occurring, we can still get online and have fun. We try to only recruit players who have at least a .9 K/D Ratio but we also understand that the other game modes can take away from that.  We also understand there is a learning curve to the game from BO2 to Ghosts and all of that is considered. We have only two rules.


      1. If clan wars are in full swing, and all of your responsibilities are out of the way, be on and playing.
      2. When the game is on, don't distract your fellow players from the game.  Some run amplify and need to hear what is going on.  Call outs are a necessity.  When we are in the lobby, have fun, joke around, b.s. all you want.  Just try to take the game seriously.


      If these aren't an issue, message me and I will invite you. PSN is same Jeremysmokin420.