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      Okay, i have been trying to get the patches for all the streaks and have been lately using the GRYPHON, and it is awesomely **** like the rest of the streaks in the game except the HELO PILOT.


      I just wanted to ask if anyone has any tips on how to use the GRYPHON effectively, everytime i use it i mostly get like 2 kills before it gets destroyed.



      A little help with the GRYPHON please?

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          Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

          Go up and constantly move. It's very rarefor enemy destroy it so just make sure you don't blowit up.

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            Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

            1. The gryphon is slow.  Try to stick to area that are outside, but have some cover.  This will allow you to use at least one wall for cover without risking blowing yourself up.


            2. Don't go inside unless absolutely necessary.  Big explosive radius on your missiles can end your streak early.


            3. Lead your target with the missile.  It isn't uncommon to need more than one missile to down an enemy.

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              Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

              Gryphon is my favorite streak lol. It's very effective. I make 5-10 kills easily with it.


              First, choose a location to spawn it and stay in cover.  Make sure that place isn't a roofed area, then it would be hard to move it out.


              When spawned. First thing u do is raise up above urself and go as high as u can. Stop before losing signal. While doing this rotate and check where are the enemies.


              Once spotted targets, move to area and shoot while doing so. Shoot ahead of moving targets so they end up running into the missle. Don't waste your time on players that are well covered.  You can try shooting at entrances or windows in areas where an enemy may be tucked in for cover and try to get them with the aoe, then again it will consume time. Go to enemy spawning area and do not worry about enemies shooting at you.  The hight that ur in while moving and shooting makes the gryphon a very hard target to shoot down, yet they become easier to blow.


              Let the squares around the body direct you and aim for thermal bodies. Cuz the identifies location,  not nessaserly visible. They could be under cover, the thermal is actually a visual target.


              It's best to take to the center of the map, as it's easy to move around and stay in a close range to enemy targets.


              Shoot other kill streaks as they count towards your streaks and help yoir team by getting rid of obstacles like sentries, ims, and dogs. You can even take out battle hinds with the gryphon.


              Do not go low, as it becomes easy to destroy yourself with props. Do not enter buildings, because it is hard to move, see and not blow urself up.


              Don't worry about rocket launchers, as they hardly ever get you when you move around.


              Tips for best use. The gryphon can easily pull 5 kills, so that means you can easily get a loki from the gryphon.  Take good cover and have a dog or ims around you to protect  ur body. So ur streaks should be dog/ims 5 kills, gryphon 10 kills, loki 15 kills. Just make sure that you are in a safe area, or you can use the gryphon if ur surrounded by enemies.  Raise above your body and rotate and pick out nearby enemies until the qrea becomes safe.


              Be aware of trees. They are the most unexpected props that you may blow urself up with. In maps with alot of trees like prison break. Avoid going into the trees and try to get ur kills through them.


              Scare out enemies, while moving and no targets are sighted, shoot where they can see the missle, this freaks out enemies and they end up trying to run, thinking you actually have sight on them.


              Go for populated areas, if you see one enemy targeted on the left and three to the right... go for the three. While the one on the left is probably going to be tsken out by team mates and the three on the right may actually be on the spawn. Always try to figure out where the spawns are going to be. Usually opposite of your team mates location

              Last advice, when ur limit is about to end. Shoot the gryphon at a wall and blow it up on a prop to unlock " destroy a gryphon patch lol"


              I hoped this helps.

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                  Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

                  man you should right a Manuel lol

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                      Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

                      Thanks, as I said before. It's my favourite.


                      Btw, if you want to raise your KD and your good enough to pull 10 kill streaks without dying and can use the grphyon effectively.  Then run gryphon, helo pilot, and loki. These streaks can easily pull 30 kills straight after eachother.


                      What I actually do,  I try to go for k.e.m. the three streaks come on the way. If I fail, I vent my death with the streaks... sooo relieving to avenge your kem with them. I usually pop the grphyon if I am in a tough situation where death is at high risk. If that saves me I try to continue for the k.e.m.


                      Don't do this at tdm, as you would probably end the match with helo pilot before getting a chance to use the loki.

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                          Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

                          lol tell me about it, last time i used the HELO PILOT with LOKI combination on TDM i didnt get to use my LOKI, my KD is good, so no worries there, and im good enough to put in 10 kill streaks, if i dont go all banana **** all over the map that is (WHICH I DO EVERYTIME)

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                      Re: MY SH*TFIRE GRYPHON?

                      Really? Gryphon's my bro when I actually get around to playing Ghosts, and the Helo Pilot can go **** itself along with its controls, which constantly fight against you when trying to get kills.

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