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    Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

      Been seeing crazy lag spikes lately, games almost unplayable, keep dropping to 1 red bar, ive tried everything from unticking UpNp, to changing net channels, to rebooting, to reset to factory settings etc etc and still nothing, just 1 red bar, occasionaly 4 green. Tested speeds, dropped hugley from 15mb down to 0.48, ping up from 35 to 450, just horrendous. Its basically the difference between going 26-4 and going 4-26, its that bad, I cant win ANY gunfight, dying over and over even though im putting 20 in a guy.


      Then I noticed something. It seems to be bad when my daughter is on her macbook , I mean really bad. I rebooted my router today about 30 times, and straight away after each one, I did a speed test, ping 35 download 15, normal. As soon as her mac attached again, ping 450 download 0.50 to 2.50. She nots even using it , it just connects itself. At the worst shes browsing uni stuff, no streaming etc.


      I quickly googled it, and 1 guy says his did the same, well similair, his speedtest on his was normally high, then he bought a mac, did a test and it dropped hugley. He unchecked allow add ons in security, and it went right back to normal again. Ive tried this on the daughters and it still drags everything down as soon as it connects.


      Any ideas guys? Its doing my box in.

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          Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

          I have 3 very important questions for you.


          1. Do you play on the Wii U version?

          2. If so, are you using a hardwired connection? (Wii LAN Adapter)

          3. What GAME are you playing??? I assume BO2. Ghosts has no such bars, but BO2 does. (This is a Ghosts forum ).


          If you answer no to the first one, then you're probably in the wrong place, moreso than talking about BO2 on a Ghosts forum. If #1 is a yes and #2 is a no, then hardwiring your connection should help tremendously. Then, if these spikes still happen and you are certain it's the Macbook eating your connection, I'd suspect you may need to mess with settings on that, or with router settings making the Macbook only allowed to use "x-amount" of it (if that's even possible).

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            Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

            dear phorum beast...


            please make absolutely sure you have zero network traffic while playing this game, or any. the u is a steaming pile when it comes to connection, any added traffic renders games unplayable. i even turn off my cells wifi as the updating weather channel app causes lag. LOCKDOWN YOUR LAN...just like me and M4G...

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              Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

              btw beast, if youre still trying to do the wifi thing. do yourself a favor. download the innsider app to your cell, check and see what channels things are running on. it will show every network and what channels they are running on in your entire area, neighbors included. if you end up with "overlaying apps" then you are running on the same channel as others. you want to be 5 channels away from everyone else. 1, 6, and 11 are the best...

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                  Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                  My son users his tablet, the Mrs her ipad, me sometimes the laptop for team speak, and with the U wired, I can play just fine. I even had some beast games on BO2 last night, playing for the first time with a wired connection at a time when I considered everyone to be on American servers and would quit, it was great to run around with the B23R again and finish amongst the top scorers nearly every game. The one thing I miss about that game is the graphics and sound effects are way superior to ghosts. But anyway, go wired as you used to tell me.

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                  Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                  I'm not tech support, but your point about another Mac owner having issues and solving it in the way that they did caught my eye. What they did varies for you as they could have a different router, different modem, different circumstances for buying the Mac, how the Mac was setup, etc.


                  Here are a couple questions for you. I may be able to help, but it all depends on what the issue is. I cannot state I will solve this issue, but it's still worth a try. I'll write a few questions below, along with a "checklist" I like going through to find out the root of a problem with electronics.


                  1) When did this start happening?

                  2) Did your daughter regularly use the Internet at home before this happened?

                  • What are the connection speeds you get on all devices with and without the Macbook connected, including on the Macbook?

                  3) Safe Mode

                  4) Does your daughter:

                  • Use torrents
                  • Use her computer as an access point
                  • Dropbox or anything similar (eg. iCloud, Google Drive, etc)
                  • Auto-backup files using an external hard drive with wi-fi adapter
                  • Have a virus on the Mac*

                  5) Have you checked your router's settings to locate the cause?

                  6) *See post*

                  7) Ask your daughter






                  1) It's important to know when this started happen. Information is very important when trying to solve a problem as the more information available the more specific the result can be. For example, tonight I had to call my ISP about an issue with our Internet, TV and Telephone dying. As it turns out, the many, many, many, many times I have complained about my slow Internet, the times I had to restart our modem/router were actually early signs that this issue was going to happen. Because of this the rep I spoke with tonight told me to discuss this with the billing department as our Internet service has been disrupted on more than one occasion, possibly, because of this current issue we're having (I'm using my Android as a Internet Access Point to write this).


                  2) Knowing this is important as you can then detect whether or not there was a change in her activities, if this is how her Macbook is setup, etc

                  • If you do this test, then you will be able to gather more information, such as how other devices effect your network; how the Macbook effects the Internet speed and what speed it its self runs at, etc.


                  3) Tell your daughter to do a boot into safe mode on her Macbook. This forces certain caches to be rebuilt and may improve the Internet speed (MacBook Pro slows down my entire...: Apple Support Communities)



                  • Torrents are both amazing and really bad. When it comes to getting what you want they are exceptional, and can be quite useful. On the other hand, when you want to use the Internet and someone is using a torrent client, then the Internet speed can go horribly. This is where the question comes in, as this and any of the other things I noted can actually be done without a person doing anything on the computer. Torrent downloads can be done by the user, but after the download comes the seeding, and at that point you're uploading the file you just downloaded. This can effect Internet speed on other devices
                  • Computers can both be servers and clients. With this in mind it is a good idea to see if your daughter is using her computer as a server for others to access (or a relay point). Like, if for example she is apart of GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), which would require her computer to be connected at times of the day to do calculations, etc. While I'm not sure how much of an effect that would have on your connection, it would be best to check your router, which I will get to momentarily.
                  • Dropbox, and I believe iCloud and Google Drive can all do auto backups. For some file they do constant uploading and downloading of a file, which could interfere with your Internet access, although probably not as ridiculous as what you have noted.
                  • I wouldn't have considered this a possibility, but that was until last year. There are some devices that act as relay points for backing up data. You connect your computer to it wirelessly, and it uses your wi-fi network to auto-backup to your external hard drive. In some cases, like with time machine (a Mac program), it auto backups EVERYTHING on the Mac when connected to an external drive. it's very useful as it keeps a pretty detailed record of what you delete and what your system was like before such events.
                  • I gave this a * as I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Macs can get viruses. In the case of a Mac getting a virus they can be harmless and can be easily taken care of, or they can be very difficult to get rid of to the point of where they could harm your computer permanently (without a manufacturer reset). Such viruses exist, and in some cases they do use and slow down your Internet connection.

                  5) You know where the issue is coming from, but at this time I assume you do not know what exactly is the problem. With that in mind, you can use your router to exceptional degrees. They can block Internet access to some devices at certain times, permanently block access, they do logs of Internet activity and keep track of which devices are currently using your router as an access point, etc. Using your router, you may also be able to find out why exactly this is happening. Although do keep in mind that not all routers share all of these features. Some do, and some don't. Our former router had a feature that allowed Internet access to be cut off on any device connected to it at any time. A neighbor of ours was being a real jerk, using our Internet without permission, so one time I decided to screw with him by setting up his IP address to this feature and having his Internet connect turn off and on constantly. I did it for about an hour before I got board and switched to a MAC address format where I could choose which devices were allowed to use the access point (in either case I hope he got annoyed that he couldn't use our access point anymore ; and I know it was a him because he used his own name as his computer's name >_>)


                  Another thing to keep in mind is that it is possible that your daughter's Macbook may not be the cause. Only decide on a factor where there is clear evidence to support it, not circumstantial (eg. doing a speed test when the laptop is shut off, and doing another when it is turned on).


                  6) http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1304296 — Some types of routers seem to do this. While I haven't noticed this personally, I would still consider this a possibility. Your overall Internet speed could be determined by her Macbook's speed of connection; clearly the list of devices connected to the router may also fix the issue.


                  7) Asking your daughter what she thinks the issue is could provide more light on the issue than first though. She might have an idea of what the issue might be or something. Any input from others can open up new perspectives or ideas about an event.


                  Now, I'm not quite sure what exactly you have tried and done so far to figure things out, but if the above did not work, then I'm not quite sure what the issue is. There could be plenty of other options to consider too though, and if any are suggested then I would suggest to look into them. In this case, the best way to fix the problem would be to call the manufacturer of your router for assistance. They would be better able to help you.


                  As for the checklist, this is basically how it goes:


                  1) Assume sibling is using a torrent client (this is actually #1 on my list as 99% of the time my sibling forgets to close her torrent client and the seeding screws up the Internet connection)

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  2) Restart the router to fix the issue (unplug, wait for 10 seconds, plug back in)

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  3) Check router settings for any unusual devices and activity

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  4) Check times the slowdown occurs and frequency of the event; correlate with any changes in the surrounding (even neighbors or parked cars nearby)

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  5) Call ISP. Switch wireless channels consistently till speeds improve

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  6) Google it

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  7) Check all devices and speeds they achieve; determine which may be affecting the Internet speed

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  8) Call ISP and request a repair

                  • Check and if false then proceed

                  9) Call router manufacturer for assistance


                  If I can't solve it by step 9, then I may even give up and ask a friend; to which I have many friends who are in the IT field, software development, web development, etc so usually there are no issues in trying to solve a computer problem on my end

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                      Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                      1) When did this start happening? Its been happeing a while that ive noticed but only recently did I wiork out the mac connection. shes had it since xmas so it adds up

                      2) Did your daughter regularly use the Internet at home before this happened? She did, on her ipod or netbook, n this never happened

                      • What are the connection speeds you get on all devices with and without the Macbook connected, including on the Macbook? roughly 1.5 average download with the mac connected  and usually its nearer 12-15 when the mac isnt connected

                      3) Safe Mode4) Does your daughter:

                      • Use torrents NO
                      • Use her computer as an access point NO
                      • Dropbox or anything similar (eg. iCloud, Google Drive, etc) NO
                      • Auto-backup files using an external hard drive with wi-fi adapter NO
                      • Have a virus on the Mac* Not that I know of - I have tested and it came back negative

                      5) Have you checked your router's settings to locate the cause? Doesnt have such settings

                      6) *See post*

                      7) Ask your daughter

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                      Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                      This thread is interesting to me because I'm having the same issue with an Android tablet that my daughter uses.  It used to not be an issue until she got a Youtube channel and ever since then even when she's not uploading videos I'll see my internet speeds go through the floor from time to time.  I'm still looking for a software cure for the issue but I've had to resort to turning off the tablet in order to play many times.  Something must be running in the background but I haven't been able to find it yet.

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                          Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                          You guys have me all wrong, im not really on about how the game runs, im more about sorting out how the mac ruins my speeds on all connected devices.


                          First off, yes im playing blops 2, im asking here coz I know you guys and know a few of you are clued up with stuff like this. Im playing on the xbox, and yes pauly the sounds are way better in blops 2 than ghosts. The only thing that is reallly irking me now is the snipers, damm snipers in every lobby apart from HC, so I just play HC KC and HC DOM, now ive managed my aiming and sensitivity out im feeling much better about things.


                          Let me explain to those who arent quite understanding where im coming from.


                          Normal day, my speeds are around 14 up, 1.5 down, 30 ping. We can have about 12 devices connected, phones and what not, ipads etc, and though it may afffect how things perform if say 3 people are watching iplayer or youtube, my speeds will remain at 14 up. 1.5 down , ping 30. All of a sudden, my speeds keeps dipping, game becomes unplayable, my sony phone cant even play youtube vids, I check speeds, its dropped to 0.5 down, 0.01 up and 600 ping. I did a few reboots of the router, as soon as we reconnect, speeds as normal 14 up etc then I noticed once the mac shows as an attached device, speeds drop, ping go crazy high, and nothing works.


                          So I did a few searches as I havent had much time, and theres numerous complaints of macs dragging down speeds, and no one seems to know a fix. One guy had his brand new mac wired to his router not 12 inches away, and it took 40 seconds to open the google search home page. Theres numerous other complaints, and the few who claimed to have fixed it, had very complex solutions that basically took all day configuring the mac and going into security and other stuff, all things im not confident in doing, seeing as its my daughters brand new mac and shes off to uni in 4 months.


                          It doesnt even have to be being used, as long as its connected everythings screwed. Its got to the stage where I just reboot the router to piss her off as shes sat there browsing catlogues for shoes and im uber frustrated

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                              Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                              I understood.  I've got the same problem on my end with the Samsung tablet.  I've got 19 meg down and 2 meg up when it's not connected and as soon as it connects, I've got 600 k down and 300 k up.  I can run multiple laptops, phones, and consoles all day long with no problems but turn that one pad on and it wrecks my speeds.  So if you happen across a fix please let me know and if I find one then I definitely will let you know.  I figure that it has to be a software problem.  I just don't know which one.

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                                  Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                  It wasnt aimed at you pal, it was aimed at the ones above you who didnt read the original post properly.

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                                      Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                      I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or not, but I can understand why you believe that.



                                      I am an avid Mac user. I own an iMac and Macbook Pro, and have also read a book on Mac OS X (still have a few more I want to read though). That's why I thought I could possibly help, although networking isn't my strong point. Still, what I wrote is my first impression of what information you gave. That is why I asked more questions to help figure out what the issue was, as well as why I was asking them and what other issues could be arising from it/method of possibly solving it. Sometimes things that appear to be the issue may not actually be the issue. If your computer is slow, it could be the hard drive, there could be a virus on it or it could even be the RAM. Determining what the issue is is the first step to solving it. If I assume it's the Macbook, then there is a chance this could be a mistake, and it is not the Mac its self. It sounds hard to believe, but continue reading...


                                      I can understand that you are getting annoyed, but when you provide only so much information about an issue, that is the information the person is dealing with to figure out the problem.


                                      Now then, with the added information you replied with, along with your other posts, here's the run-down:


                                      Even with the questions noted above, and answered, there can be multiple reasons why this is happening, and it doesn't have to be Mac specific. I questioned if there was a virus as some viruses can hog bandwidth/use the computer. Sometimes virus scans don't do much to show, although personally I keep a virus scanner on my Mac anyways, even though Apple doesn't suggest it (A just in-case security measure). In any case, I've investigated this issue a bit more thoroughly (I love my new Internet connection, it can keep up with my 30+ tab multitasking) and here is what I've found:



                                      • Depending on the Macbook (Air, Retina or regular) the Macbook may be running a new standard referred to as 802.11ac. Some Mac users have expressed issues with this, which was rolled out back in June 2013, well before your daughter got her Macbook. These issues seem to still be common up to January 2014, and possibly even later. Updating to OS X 9.1 seems to have fixed most issues, which leads this issue to be a possible OS or driver issue (MacNN Mobile : Latest Headlines).


                                      • Next, this issue may be due to the router its self. Refreshing all devices (as feature that your router should have), may help fix the issue. Refreshing removes all connected devices and then they reconnect. Also, if you go into System Preferences > Network, pull up the "Advanced" button and go to the "Wi-Fi" tab. Remove your router from it; and once you do reconnect the Macbook with the router (do this before you do the refresh though). This may lend a hand to fixing this issue; however, keep in mind that I don't know what/where the settings to do this are in the router's settings.
                                      • Back regarding to 802.11: After looking into this a bit, it seems routers default to the slowest computer protocol. This may not be the case for this situation (I doubt it), but this is still something to keep in mind (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=468275).
                                      • Use Activity Monitor to see what processes are currently active. Although you stated there you don't believe there is a virus, as a just in-case, look for any unfamiliar processes that may be active. I often use Activity Monitor to keep track of my RAM usage, and among other things; it's kind of like Windows Task Manager, but more colourful.
                                      • A device in your list of active devices connected to your router could be sucking up network bandwidth. It's possible that it is the Macbook, but it is also possible that it is another unknown device that is causing it. I'm not too sure, but it's worth checking out (Router slowing down internet speed by 10 times. - Routers - Networking).
                                      • Lastly, I have a question: Is this issue only between the  Xbox and the Macbook? If so, then it's possible that both devices have the same IP address, and are thus conflicting with eachother. This is just a possible fix/reason. I'm not sure where you get your numbers from (Xbox or PC).


                                      Now, to note, the video you posted below is actually making use of a public IP Address. Basically, what they changed was the IP address assigned by the router, which is private, and then use/replaced with a public IP address (what is & - Tech Support Guy). This issue can then be related with the IP address assignment your router is doing, and would likely be a result and conflict between two devices, or more, with the same IP address. Your router should be doing dynamic assignment for IP addresses to avoid this though. Also, while searching I found that this thread gave some nice information on how the upload and download processes work (Does the network run at the speed of the slowest connection? - Wireless Networking | DSLReports Forums). Also, a little something of a back end bit about DNS Servers (Why do i get faster speeds using other DNS servers??? - Time Warner Cable | DSLReports Forums , Name server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


                                      The very last thing I can suggest at the moment is to have the router assign your daughter's Macbook a new IP address.


                                      Also, what were the results of using the Macbook in Safe Mode? Macs can go into safe mode by pressing and holding "Shift" on the keyboard. If there really is no program using the connection at the time, then by booting into safe mode, this will clear up any questions about the Macbook having any spyware that is causing it, or background processes, etc (OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?). This would also mean that the issue is solely a problem with the Macbook connecting to the router. Another way of seeing if it is spyware is to ask her if this issue happened while she was away, when she connected to any networks nearby. If the same thing that is happening at home is happening on the go, this would indicate possible spyware or background processes to be the issue.

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                                          Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                          He stated in whatever reply that he uses Xbox and not Wii U...sadly.

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                                            Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                            My repsonse was aimed at Pauly tbh, not you.  he just replies to everything I write telling me to go wired, like thats the issue here,lol


                                            Played yesterday, average scores of say 24-6, top scorer every game. Speed was 16 down, 1 up, ping 32. Once she came home, put the mac on to do college work, I go to 1 red bar, my scores start becoming 4-26, my speed remained decent at around 9 but my ping went from 32 to 700!

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                                                Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                You're speed remained decent although it did take a good hit but that ping is atrocious.  I have to wonder how your speed could be so good but your ping be so bad at the same time.  I would have thought that both would have tanked.  Granted I'm no expert.  Normally I'd think interference from the MAC disrupting your wireless signal or maybe conflicting IP addresses getting assigned.  Just shooting in the dark here.

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                                                    Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                    My IPS has high ping when connecting to anywhere outside europe, its pretty standard for any UK internet company, im not sure about fibre optic but we dont get that around here. The only 1 who was fine with ping to the states was TalkTalk, and they kept having periods of no internet, and 3/4 of our devices in the house wouldnt connect to the wifi, they blamed our devices saying stuff like their internet was compatible with blackberry, and laptops etc, it was all rubbish, so we left.


                                                    Basically as a general UK cod gamer, ping to the UK host can be anywhere from 2-40, which is great. Once we get a european host the ping is around 70, again fine and acceptable, BUT once we test servers in the states/mexico/aus/new zealand etc it goes from anything between 400-1000. This as you can imagine makes playing games like cod horrendous on a US host, it feels like I dont stand a chance, I die over and over as soon as I see a guy, no reaction time, im just dead before I can think "a guys there". The scores confirm this too, my scores are now almost where I was at with my wiiu, in the afternoon going say 24-8 in an average game of kill confirmed, once we get into early evening my scores taper off and go the other way, 8-24. Its very frustrating.


                                                    This was the MAIN reason I switched consoles, as the vast majority of the wiiu community is in the states, and I figured playing xbox the bigger community would gaurantee me a european host. I do get more euro hosts, and theres 150 times more players, meaning every modes has at least 2000 players at any time, that has come true, but still once we get past say 8pm UK time every host is from the states almost, its like the game picks the best connection irrespective of location, even though I search on BEST search option. I have however noticed a LOT more host migrations, and a lot of weird lobbies where no one can move as the connection interrupted logo appears, but no one leaves and they just stand around with the game at 0-0 and wait time out.


                                                    This was also the reason I dont play ghosts, or mw3 and im finding the same with mw2, infinity ward use a diff selection process for matching people, and whatever I do I end up in US lobbies, not standing a chance in pretty much any game I join. Id play mw3 and mw2 if it was playable, but I dont enjoy ghosts. Either game though is pretty horrendous connection wise. Its no fun dying over and over. I honestly dont think US players realise what an advantge they have. Ive seen people post speed figures of 170/180 down and 0 ping, or 1 ping. For gaming that ping is just insane and if you have a ping that low and dont have a 4kdr your doing something wrong.


                                                    My wiiu kdr was 2.75 on blops too if I averaged out both accounts, my HC account (3.5) and my domination account (1.50), but on the xbox im aiming for 1.00, at least until blops 3. Im currently 0.99 ,dragged up from 0.65 so far. Im finding the horrible KC spawns are doing me, plus people run around more in packs on here, and I find I kill a guy and theres always a guy behind him and die as soon as I kill someone 9/10. Its hard to get a good run going.

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                                                        Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                        Clan wars has made the pack technique quite popular in KC.  My clan uses it too because it works so well.  I actually have to remind myself to not reload so much and anticipate that there will be two more behind the guy that I just killed.  It does make getting tags much more difficult.  Even if you drop all 3 of them you probably will only get 1 tag out of it (2 at the most).

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                                                      Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                      BlueEyedAlien wrote:


                                                      My repsonse was aimed at Pauly tbh, not you.  he just replies to everything I write telling me to go wired, like thats the issue here,lol



                                                      Well I was just trying to help, tbh, I couldn't care less anyway.

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                                                Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                i think you mean 14 down, 1.5 up. your plan probably states a max of 20 down or so. i have no idea about your macbook though since i only use windows/pc. just check and see what processes are running on it through application manager next time it happens.

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                                                    Re: Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

                                                    Yeah thats what I meant. My max speed I can get is 14/15 due to my phone cables not being brand new. Its deffo the mac throttling the speeds for everything, it seems to be a problem with macs out the box, just not many people ever realise. This is meant to work but I havent tried yet, shes away for a few days and has her mac with her. My gaming has been flawless the last few days, even with 12 devices attached when im online. Mac connects and half the time I cant even sign into xbox live


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