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    why do wiimote players take extra damage?

      an honest question, its happening time and time again.not just me. watched my girlfriend put 4 rounds into a wiimote user with mr28, a 3 hit kill gun, at close range and she looked puzzled, even said "i stopped shooting because he was supposed to be dead". they even throw my aim off in crazy ways. not a controller hate thread, but come on. something is wrong with the hit detection too.

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          1. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

          i should add, this is an issue that ive seen and dealt with since launch, and i kept my mouth shut to keep from arguing with others, but its just too much at this point, i wish more da people in these forums would reply.

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            2. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

            compensation for the DA having extra aim assist


            p.s. your title is misleading.

            p.p.s why dont you try playing with the wiimote and see if you live longer when getting shot... just a thought.

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              3. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

              Just in the last week I've too noticed players taking extra damage, and I use a wii remote, can't say what controller the other player was using (probably a da controller). I got multiple hit markers on somebody while I was using a shotgun, and at a rather close range. It's not always like this, but I have noticed it within about the last week or so. I didn't think much of it until you posted because I usually see a lot of hit markers and usually die when I get hit by only one bullet.

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                4. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                That's called lag my friend.  I use the wii remote and experience the same thing.  When I say I'm having a "laggy" game, this is what I'm talking about.  Players soak up more bullets than is possible for survival and yet they still kill me.  It's in those matches that I avoid head-to-head gunfights if possible.  Those matches where I HAVE to flank EVERYONE.  It doesn't matter what controller they are using.  DA or otherwise.  If not for this great map design I would be screwed.   Most of the time it's everyone in the lobby if it happens.  Sometimes it's just one player that I can't kill.  Those instances where me being host gives one player on the opposing team "god mode" where they are suddenly able to go 44-4 even though they have a 1.2 KDR.  Next match they are back to normal and putting up a more reasonable score and someone else may receive this gift of destruction with an even lower KDR.  If I keep pulling host in that lobby I will just have to leave and find another lobby to correct the problem.  I should add that this is normally the result of me pulling host with folks from across the ocean in the lobby.  It seems to be random.  Sometimes I can host them without issue one match and then it all goes to crap in the next one.   

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                  5. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                  this is different. ive been experiencing this for some time now. it IS NOT LAG. im not calling anyone out, or picking on anyone. my friendlist has both control types in it, naps like my best friend here and a force that drives me to improve, but something is wrong here. example...

                  im up on the ridge in prison break, killing snipers iin the tower. i know someone will flank me so i turn my focus to the corner at the bottom where they will spawn. i run to there as someone comes from the wooden bridge. as i ads they come around the corner, the TOP LEFT of my screen. as im ads'd my gun makes these weird, swirling motions, then dips down and to the right AWAY FROM SAID WIIMOTER. i got killed, watched the killcam, and the guy walks around the corner swirling his wiimote in right circles, basically the same weird way my controller is weirding out in, then gets a very easy kill. this IS NOT LAG, its something different altogether. i have played this game enough to know something is out of wack.

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                    6. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                    i played a match yesterday where a da user was taking 8 bullets from my ak with ap and muzzlebrake to kill. im not talking about that. this is totally different. this happens in perfect matches with zero lag. seriously, im to the point where my accuracy is going down because now i three-shot people who only need or should take two to kill. someone help me test this please. and like i said, i use ccp on wiimote, im not picking on anybody!

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                      7. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                      how is the title misleading? i think its pretty clear. id like to test this, but in the same light, i really dont care. i mean, i get mad when my streak ends over this bs, but its usually a guy with a 1.0 kd who does it to me so i cant complain too much. i just want things fair.

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                        8. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                        imAudi5000 wrote:


                        compensation for the DA having extra aim assist



                        they have aa...PLUS AIMLOCK.

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                          9. Re: why do wiimote players take extra damage?

                          We are shafted in more ways bro, you should pick one up and feel the recoil and try long shots, its bad enough in HC but try in core mode too, you wouldn't worry about an extra bullet damage, you'd feel glad to be a gamepad/DA user. Any way, I never noticed any extra health at all, not one bit, this is totally new to me, maybe you experienced a tiny bit of lag for once, sucks don't it?

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