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    Sick N Twisted is Recruiting - Xbox One


      1.4 K/D

      1.0 W/L

      Play to win



      Have some fun


      Important Info>

      I am just starting out, and looking to grow this Clan. You must be on 5-7 days a week, and must always play your best, I understand people have off games. I'm not asking for to much just try and get on for a bit every night. I can't play most Friday's so I don't expect you to do so either. Let's just get this Clan going and we'll reach it's full potential shortly. Happy Easter everyone.

      About Me>

      -My K/D is 2.26 my W/L is 2.21

      -I'm 15

      -Great Call of Duty Player

      Message me on XBL. Gamertag: DeFy Swiftly