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    Recruiting New Clan - [ ToXc ] - PS4 Only - Join Now !

      Call of Duty Clan:                           ToXic V1PeRz                              Photo_00001.jpg  

      Platform:                                        PS4

      Mic:                                                Yes/no                                    

      Location:                                       Australia + Worldwide

      Clan Tag:                                       [ToXc]                       

      App:                                                Yes

      Clan Motto:                                   Can't Run, Can't Hide.

      Recruiting:                                    Yes

      Lvl:                                               Any

      Call Of Duty Account:                  Yes

      PSN ID:                                         S1LENT_ASSASS1N0


      To anyone who wants to join a clan that is active and alive in Call of Duty Ghosts. We are a clan that plays all types of game modes, and loves to have a lot of fun, we are not problematic, we are mature and friendly,  if you don't have a mic its all good, no stress.

      We are a PS4 based clan, and we are based in Australia, we are known as the ToXic V1PeRz, and we are recruiting members now, If you would like to join my clan feel free to send me a message on PSN - S1LENT_ASSASS1N0 .  No recruitments are needed, if you know others also send me their PSNs, and I will invite them as well.


      We are relatively new clan and would like to climb the ladder, if you have what it takes to help us reach our goal, then what are you waiting for, join now, it's better to be in a clan then to not be in one at all. As our clan motto says we are speedy and have good accuracy, that's the reason why we are really good, we are level 1 but,  like I have said would love to go higher in the ranks ladder.