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    Explain the match finding process to me?

      This games most stupid, and most frustrating aspect is the match finder. If I want to play a specific game mode, then I choose to play it. No problems with that. However, when I try to leave the game for reasons not relevant, and try to find a different game, with DIFFERENT people, then it decides to put me in the game I just rage quit out of. I know it's based on connection, but I can literally sit there for 5 minutes while it looks for the best game connection wise. Please change this.

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          I'm not quite sure anyone knows for sure how matchmaking works. All we know is that compatible connectivity and rank/skill level are the main ingredients.


          As far as leaving matches and searching for new ones, matchmaking could care less about your frustration. As I think it should. Your best bet is to wait longer before searching for another match or change the game mode for a game. Thats what I do when I rage quit and keep playing.

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            So what you want is that after you rage quit from one game (and disrupt the outcome of that one) you think you should just be able to instantly transfer to another game right away. I assume you want to be able to do this until you find a game with players you can beat??

            Change the game mode and you won't have this problem but perhaps you should just learn not to QUIT.



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              Rage quit and be rewarded? I'm sure IW will get right on that...  don't lobby shop for easy opponents. I quit only with bad lag which is pretty rare on ghosts for me, or the match I joined is pretty close to the end. Rage quitting people better than you is useless because then you'll never improve... Solution to you problem? Don't Quit.

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                Here is the official response to matchmaking:  (source: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/How-does-matchmaking-work-in-P ublic-Match/?q=matchmaking&l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3AAll&fs=Search&pn=1




                How Matchmaking Works in a Public Match

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                  Blame the low population for the bad matchmaking.

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                    You paid the money, you can play the game as you like. The connection part may be true, but the matching teams by skill levels is false. I've seen a fairly equal matching of players in one game, then the next is not even close. Same players as the first game, but the top three players from the last game put on the same team for the next match (Using rank from last game and k/d). Second game was an absolute slaughter. Yes, matchmaking as far as which team your on is horrible. Of course, which team your put on for that game has nothing to do with your connection at all.

                    Best you can do is keep a close eye on other players k/d before the match starts and get out if it's lop sided. If you get thrown into the middle of a match, spectate for a while to make sure your team is not getting slaughtered. Yes, you may have to exit the same game over, and over again many times. Don't go in to it and you won't take a loss. Close games teach you how to play better, getting slaughtered teaches how to hit the "x" button.